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10:30 AM UTC, October 23 2013

1:34 AM UTC, September 29 2011

Highly recommended - hours of intensive help - problem not solved but some problems are just a great mystery
7:22 PM UTC, May 05 2011

Very friendly and helpful!
2:43 PM UTC, April 17 2011

10:54 AM UTC, March 28 2011

10:55 PM UTC, February 17 2011

1:10 AM UTC, February 09 2011

8:54 PM UTC, October 10 2010

he did a more than fabulous job im helping me figure out my problem he is the goto guy for problems with boinc and windows THANK You SOO Much
11:43 PM UTC, May 08 2010

4:05 AM UTC, April 14 2010

very knowledgable and was able to answer all my questions and then some.
4:42 AM UTC, January 31 2010

Very knowledgeable and helpful!
10:50 PM UTC, January 10 2010

I appreciate your analysis. Right on the money.
1:32 PM UTC, October 05 2009

Extremely Helpful, patient and courteous and knowledgeable. Recommend to everyone!!!!
2:52 PM UTC, September 26 2009

Jhparizona was extremely helpful and patient, offering all the support needed to solve my problem and more. He was polite and typed his messages clearly and with perfect grammar and spelling. He clearly had a strong knowledge of both the application and methods of troubleshooting. I would strongly recommend him to anyone seeking assistance.
3:38 AM UTC, September 16 2009

12:13 AM UTC, September 08 2009

very helpful, spot on.
3:41 PM UTC, June 27 2009

I had questions about upgrading the BOINC client. Jim is excellent. Thank you, Jim!
8:55 PM UTC, June 25 2009

Big help.. thanks
4:05 AM UTC, June 24 2009

This guy ROCKS! Sent him a tech question via e-mail. Quick and clear answer in about 5 minutes! Thanks a lot JHP !!!
4:27 PM UTC, June 18 2009

all OK
4:21 AM UTC, June 17 2009

Very helpful!
12:29 PM UTC, May 30 2009

Helped me to determine seti-at-home was not running on my Mac as a Daemon. Pointed me to instructions to make that happen. It has been running for three days without a hitch.
10:34 PM UTC, May 25 2009

Quick clear response that resolved my hung task problem. Thanks!
12:17 AM UTC, May 24 2009

very helpful - specific with what I needed to do (which helps us newbies) and I got my answers quickly and clearly
4:35 AM UTC, May 23 2009

VERY quick reply and generous in help given.
11:10 PM UTC, May 15 2009

3:48 AM UTC, May 15 2009

Very Helpful!
9:39 AM UTC, May 14 2009

3:52 AM UTC, May 07 2009

Really fast answer on skype!
10:09 PM UTC, May 04 2009

He take me great help, he said me what I must do and so I understood how Boinc works!
10:57 AM UTC, April 28 2009

thanks for your Help james
5:11 PM UTC, April 27 2009

Quick response. Solution clear and easy to follow. I solved my problem and got back to him within an hour. Great job indeed.
9:58 PM UTC, April 26 2009

Very quick, helpful, and concise response to my question. Thank you!
1:10 AM UTC, April 25 2009

good at work
6:01 AM UTC, March 18 2009

Jhparizona spend 14 minutes with me going over options and discussing with me patiently what I was seeing and wasn't seeing. He provided some excellent suggestions. I really appreciate his help and time.
1:20 PM UTC, February 26 2009

Outstanding assistance. Had the problem solved quickly and courtesously. While I hope not to have to use this part of the site again, if I do, this is the guy I'm looking up.
5:14 AM UTC, February 10 2009

I was stuck and frustrated with trying to get BOINC going on Ubuntu linux server with the command line interface (CLI) only. Jim very patiently stepped me thorough some testing, and then made sure that everything was working perfectly. I was very, very happy to have the help. Thanks Jim!
3:58 AM UTC, January 23 2009

GREAT help. Knew what he was talking about. Many thanks.
7:00 PM UTC, January 02 2009

I would highly recommend Jim, very precise and accurate. Five stars is not enough.
3:33 AM UTC, December 31 2008

He helped me fix my Boinc related issue
4:27 AM UTC, December 26 2008

Resolved Vista Problems. A great help! Error 417 in Vista can be fixed with the standard CC_ config.xml file in c:/ProgramData/Bionic Thanks, Jim
9:02 PM UTC, December 22 2008

Jim is they type of person I would want to hire for my team. I had a problem with BOINC and reverted back to olderversion. Newer update came out, and Jim was so kind as to notify me. I had a problem again, and sent email to Jim. Within a few hours, a couple exchanges of email occurred, and my problem was resolved by him. As I was silent in my corner, he notified me that I should try the new version. After an adjustment I am very pleased. I deal with electronic document interchange and would jump at a chance to have someone like Jim on my team. Five star rating is not good enough really for Jim. Thank you very much Jim and Merry Christmas.- Bill in Brazil
10:01 PM UTC, December 19 2008

I would highly reccomend Jim, his support was very much appreciated, and his diligence to finding a result was terrific!
12:50 AM UTC, November 30 2008

6:38 PM UTC, November 03 2008

Very lucid, useful email responses to my questions. Available more often than most. Highly recommended.
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