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12:27 AM UTC, March 20 2011

well i hope you could pass along the suggestion...
2:33 PM UTC, February 10 2011

3:04 PM UTC, January 10 2010

Does not use a GPU or the screensaver so he does not know answers to questions regarding those items. But he is a helpful person to deal with.
6:03 PM UTC, December 05 2009

he helped me so fast, to download BOINC ...
11:06 PM UTC, November 24 2009

Very quick response. Did not solve my problem, but gave good advise. Thanks.
11:50 AM UTC, August 12 2009

Very helpful and was happy to help me out with a few possible fixes for my problem. A good kind helper. Thanks again Ward.
11:24 PM UTC, May 22 2009

Very helpful.
11:12 PM UTC, December 18 2008

Hij was heel vriendelijk en geduldig, wat zeker gewaardeerd wordt door een minder ervaren computer gebruiker als ik.
5:16 PM UTC, November 13 2008

great e-mail support
9:46 PM UTC, October 09 2008

9:44 PM UTC, September 10 2008

He/She (Sorry I don't know which) was very helpful and polite.
10:03 PM UTC, September 09 2008

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