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3:58 PM UTC, October 08 2007

5:02 AM UTC, October 04 2007

Very helpful.
3:36 PM UTC, September 25 2007

Very Quick help, thank you!
7:17 PM UTC, September 21 2007

Problem was not solved, but solution looks closer than ever.
6:47 PM UTC, September 21 2007

Hello Donn, I'm trying to hide some personal informations from my 'boinc account'. I'd like to hide: PC name, email address, IP. Is it possible? In other case, whow can I unsuscribe from boinc? Thanks in advance
9:50 PM UTC, September 16 2007

5:39 PM UTC, September 13 2007

1:25 PM UTC, September 13 2007

All of the help and advice that Donn provided was extremely helpful! He knows the BOINC client and how to help make managing multiple machine easy.
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