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bartsob5 Either Country: Poland
Usual hours: whole week, usually from 4 PM UTC on the weekends almost all day.
Specialties: windows xp, vista. mail:bartsob5(at)o2(dot)pl nr gadu-gadu 4582766
Projects: retired
52 ratings
Simek Chat only Country: Poland
Usual hours: whole week, usually in the evening [GTM+1]
Specialties: Windows XP - Vista - 7
Projects: most of projects
2 ratings
Bober Chat only Country: Poland
Usual hours: Almost every evening (UTC+2)
Specialties: Windows
Projects: RCN, RALPH, Proteins, Spinhenge, QMC, Rosetta, ABC, LHC...and many more
5 ratings
waitangi Country: Poland 1 ratings
reousen Either Country: Poland
Usual hours: Everyday and everytime.
Specialties: Windows proxies
Projects: Yes
(no ratings)
kolegs Either Country: Poland
Usual hours: from 9:00 to 14:00 UTC
Specialties: Windows and also Fedora
(no ratings)
k4rpi Chat only Country: Poland
Usual hours: All day
Specialties: I specializes in applications based on operating systems: Windows Linux
Projects: SETI@home
1 ratings
ksikorski Chat only Country: Poland (no ratings)
pepopi Either Country: Poland (no ratings)
DELETED ACCOUNT Country: Poland (no ratings)
Matn958gb Country: Poland
Specialties: Windows, Linux
(no ratings)
Filipg36 Country: None
Usual hours: All time
Specialties: Android
Projects: No
(no ratings)
MrBudynPL Country: Poland (no ratings)
Boguslaw Either Country: Poland
Usual hours: poniedziałek, wtorek, środa, czwartek, piątek
Specialties: laptop, desktop
Projects: einstein@home
(no ratings)
darrad119 Either Country: Poland
Usual hours: my time zone is UTC+01:00 I think that I could help on the weekend, or afternoons (17-20, UTC+01)
Specialties: Windows
Projects: I am new user. I considered to join the project Einstein@home, but I have no experience
(no ratings)
サクグ Either Country: International
Usual hours: 11 am - 17 pm UTC
Specialties: Windows
Projects: Astronomy, Physic, Mathematics - projects research.
(no ratings)

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