Live help in Hungarian/Magyar

You can send email to a volunteer even if they're offline. To do so, click their name.

If you're setting up a BOINC project, this is not the place to get help. Instead, try the boinc_projects email list.

Volunteer name
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Tomco Country: Hungary
Specialties: Windows
(no ratings)
Berecz Attila (Dr. Rodney Mckay) Either Country: Hungary
Usual hours: UTC +1 am 9:00 - pm 18:00
Specialties: All os, all protocol, software enginer......ect.
Projects: seti@home, boinc, Android os app enginer....ect.
(no ratings)
Georg Either Country: Romania
Specialties: Windows
Projects: Yes
(no ratings)
potonyeczgergo Chat only Country: Hungary
Specialties: Windows, Mac
(no ratings)
Zoltan Kertesz Either Country: Hungary
Usual hours: In GMT+2:00 I am mostly avaiable between 15:30 and 23:00
Specialties: Windows
Projects: No
(no ratings)

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