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Myster65 - NGI - Net Gamers Italy Either Country: Italy
Usual hours: Sera tutti i giorni / Soir tous les jours
Specialties: Windows.
Projects: SETI@home-Rosetta@home-ecc...
29 ratings
kid_joe Either Country: Canada
Usual hours: 24/7, if im there -- if im not there just leave me the message, i will give you feedback as soon as possible
Specialties: linux computing for the win
Projects: seti@home
13 ratings
Mazin Either Country: United States (no ratings)
kilou Either Country: France
Usual hours: all
Specialties: windows xp
Projects: not
303 ratings
David1460 Either Country: France
Usual hours: FR: Laissez moi un message au cas ou je ne suis pas la et je répondrait a mon retour PT: Deixe me uma mensagem ao caso ou eu n
Specialties: Windows toute version
Projects: SETI@home-SETI@home Beta Test-World Community Grid-ralph@home-rosetta@home-superlinkattechnion-BOINC alpha test
2 ratings
Pickman Either Country: Canada
Usual hours: I am available anytime
Specialties: Windows, Linux, Macs, TCP/IP,NAT,ACL,AD,IP addressing and managemnt, network management,network security and management
Projects: Computer networking and data communications,packet and circuit-switching networking,Digital signals
(no ratings)
Sun-Beach Chat only Country: Switzerland
Usual hours: Si je ne suis pas présent laisser moi un message, je me ferait un plaisir de vous recontacter dés que possible... en français
Specialties: Mac, Mac Osx & Osx Server, Linux/Unix, NAT, Network, Terminal, User Permission.
Projects: Boinc Manager conf... SETI@home Einstein@home Test4Theory
4 ratings
Raolivi Either Country: France
Specialties: Windows linux
Projects: SETI@Home
(no ratings)
DSWong Either Country: France
Usual hours: Everyday 00h-07h , 16h - 20h
Specialties: Windows 7,
1 ratings

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