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dejvidek Either Country: Czech Republic
Usual hours: Jsem k dispozici večer po 20hod. Kontaktovat mě můžete i přes ICQ 18561682.
Specialties: Only Windows.
Projects: All Boinc projects.
1 ratings
pokemon1 Either Country: Russia
Usual hours: moskow
Specialties: windows xp
Projects: qmc@home
4 ratings
atom Either Country: Czech Republic
Usual hours: K zastizeni ve dne (dle casu v praci), po seste hodine vecer do x hodin rano jsem k zastizeni temer vzdy. icq: 2466536
Specialties: Windows/Mac, SETI@Home optimised applications
Projects: Primarne seti@home, ale jsem schopen poradit s vetsinou projektu.
10 ratings
alibabaop001 Either Country: Benin 1 ratings
jsedivy Country: Czech Republic (no ratings)
Radim Vanco Either Country: Czech Republic
Specialties: linux, windows
Projects: Asteroids@home
2 ratings
minimichal Either Country: Czech Republic
Usual hours: 1-7
Specialties: Windows
Projects: ne
(no ratings)
hyalit Either Country: Slovakia (no ratings)
CamelTea Country: Czech Republic (no ratings)
Pepe Either Country: Czech Republic (no ratings)
Marcussk Chat only Country: Czech Republic
Usual hours: Prague timezone during day
Specialties: Windows, Linux, intermediate networking
(no ratings)
Monestores Either Country: None (no ratings)

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