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Ting Yeh Either Country: China
Usual hours: beijing time,asia
Specialties: windows
Projects: science,math
3 ratings
看一看 Either Country: China
Usual hours: 上午
Specialties: 普通
Projects: 作出我的贡献
32 ratings
Cyrez Either Country: United States
Specialties: Mac,Unix
47 ratings
abraham Either Country: China
Specialties: windows xp
Projects: htt
(no ratings)
fwjmath Either Country: China
Usual hours: Saturday and Sunday UTC 9:00 ~ 20:00
Specialties: Windows
Projects: SETI@homa, Einstein@home, ABC@home
43 ratings
liubin Either Country: China (no ratings)
luke Either Country: China (no ratings)
kenail Either Country: China
Usual hours: UTC +8:00:00 Beijing,China
Specialties: windows/unix/linux tcp/ip
Projects: world community grid
(no ratings)
kangbing Either Country: None (no ratings)
ariesqi Either Country: China
Usual hours: from 8:00am-10:00pm monday-friday
Specialties: Macintosh,
(no ratings)
ZhaoFei Chat only Country: Canada
Usual hours: UTC-5 Evening or anytime I'm online
Specialties: Windows/Mac/Ubuntu
Projects: SETI@home &
26 ratings
lakelee Either Country: China
Usual hours: time zone:(GMT +08:00) everyday except Sunday
Specialties: windows2000 and xp proxies, know something about ubuntu
Projects: World community, Rosetta@home, QMC@home, proteins@home IHC@home (some projects about chemistry, biology and physics)
3 ratings
yong Either Country: China
Specialties: window vista
(no ratings)
FF19 Chat only Country: China
Usual hours: Mon-Fri, 1900-2230 CST; Sat-Sun, 1300-2230 CST
Specialties: Windows
Projects: specialize:SETI, CPDN joined almost all other projects
(no ratings)
Dougo WONG Either Country: Hong Kong
Usual hours: Weekdays (MON to FRI) from 11:00 - 18:00 (GMT +8:00) or From 03:00 - 10:00 (UTC)
Specialties: WINDOWS Linux
Projects: SETI@home POEM@home World Community Grid
1 ratings
叶** Chat only Country: China
Usual hours: 周 末 节假日
Specialties: 惠普
Projects: seti@home
3 ratings
赵春晖 Either Country: China
Usual hours: 周六周日,北京时间21:00-22:30
Specialties: Windows
Projects: SETI@home
1 ratings
Wang Jie Either Country: China
Usual hours: From June to July
Specialties: Windows
Projects: No
(no ratings)
Scatterbrain Country: United States
Usual hours: GMT+8
Specialties: SUSE/Ubuntu/Debian Linux; VPN
(no ratings)
VolunteerComputing Either Country: China
Usual hours: 周五晚间,周六周日全天。
Specialties: Linux、Windows
(no ratings)
chaowb Either Country: Taiwan
Specialties: Windows/Linux/Mac PC,Home Network Router, Firewall
Projects: SETI@home, World community grid,SIMAP,Folding@home
(no ratings)
贾紫栋 Either Country: China (no ratings)
sunshine Either Country: China
Usual hours: WEEKENDS
Specialties: WINDOWS
Projects: NOPE
(no ratings)
RolandBeowulf Country: Australia
Usual hours: when i feel like it, just seeing what this is like, but probably 11:00-6:00 AEST
Specialties: Windows 10, Linux (Ubuntu, moving to Fedora as i type this)
Projects: nope
(no ratings)
Lv Keqiang Either Country: None (no ratings)
GeneralLol Country: China
Usual hours: 8:30 am to 10:00 pm, UTC+8
Specialties: Windows, proxies
Projects: Astrology projects.
(no ratings)
gelin Either Country: China
Usual hours: UTC/GMT+08:00
Specialties: Windows
Projects: 无
(no ratings)
kongnici Either Country: China (no ratings)
TomasWu Chat only Country: China (no ratings)
df910105 Chat only Country: Taiwan
Usual hours: UTC+8,Taipei 請直接寄電子郵件謝謝。 Please use email directly.Thanks
Specialties: Windows
Projects: Non-VirtualBox Projects
(no ratings)
dannyridel Chat only Country: United States
Usual hours: UTC +8
Specialties: Windows, cmdline
Projects: PrimeGrid SRBase
1 ratings
高乐喆 Chat only Country: China
Usual hours: UTC+8 most daytime
Specialties: Computer: Windows 10 or later Note: Some people are using web crawlers to maliciously rate me
448 ratings
MorningMC Either Country: China
Usual hours: almost everyday +0800GMT
Specialties: Windows 11
Projects: Minecraft
(no ratings)
Sun Yang Chat only Country: International
Usual hours: Saturday, Sunday, 10AM-10PM Monday-Friday 12AM-9PM UTC+8
Specialties: Windows
Projects: Universe@home, Rosetta@home, Einstein@home, LHC@home
(no ratings)

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