Live help in Chinese, Gan

You can send email to a volunteer even if they're offline. To do so, click their name.

If you're setting up a BOINC project, this is not the place to get help. Instead, try the boinc_projects email list.

Volunteer name
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jimin Chat only Country: China
Specialties: windows
Projects: no
(no ratings)
v3i9a6c Chat only Country: China (no ratings)
xuetao Country: China
Specialties: windows xp
(no ratings)
StarOcean Either Country: China
Specialties: Windows
(no ratings)
hopefeng Either Country: China (no ratings)
郑意 Either Country: China
Usual hours: East 8 areas Peking time
Specialties: no
Projects: no
6 ratings
xiaohui Country: China
Specialties: windowsXP
(no ratings)
追随盛行的风 Country: China
Specialties: Windows
Projects: 学生
(no ratings)
xavier venus Either Country: China 4 ratings
xavier venus Either Country: China (no ratings)
chenbaozhen Either Country: China
Usual hours: anytime
Specialties: Windows
Projects: yes
(no ratings)
王睿 Either Country: China
Usual hours: useUTC
Specialties: 和我的朋友
Projects: 中学生
3 ratings
心的流浪 Either Country: China 3 ratings
Skype Live help Either Country: International
Usual hours: 24x7x365
Specialties: windows
Projects: bonic
6 ratings
cjf328 Either Country: China (no ratings)
lostingp Either Country: China
Usual hours:
(no ratings)
jerome Either Country: China
Usual hours: sports
Specialties: ...
Projects: f&b
(no ratings)
Bradley Either Country: None
Usual hours: PVfeQH
Specialties: PVfeQH
Projects: PVfeQH
(no ratings)
linxd Either Country: None (no ratings)

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