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Posted 30 Oct 2010 by sygopet
Another project with server problems, leading to a long shutdown:

From the BOINCSIMAP site front page
BOINCSIMAP will move to a new location onto new hardware
Due to the move of parts of the BOINCSIMAP crew to Vienna in 2010, this project is now a joint project of the Technical University Munich and the University of Vienna.

The recent series of power faults, combined with defects of the UPS devices in our Munich facilities, has motivated us to move BOINCSIMAP now immediately to new hardware at the University of Vienna. This hardware is brand new and became available last week. We will now setup the new boinc servers (BOINC server, download-/upload server and database server) and run a first small test in December 2010. If everything works fine, the first full run of the new servers will start around January 7, 2011 after the new year holidays. We expect then 1..2 months of continuous work, as there are the new proteins of three months plus a couple of new metagenomes.

There will be a new URL for the project, but we will also keep the current URL operational for a longer period.

Thanks to all friends of SIMAP for your great work, help and the many discussions in the previous years. We look forward to another productive era starting next year.

Best regards from Vienna
Thomas 27 Oct 2010 20:25:27 UTC
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Posted 12 Oct 2010 by sygopet
SETI has been down for about the last 2 hours. Well, there's a surprise!
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Posted 25 Sep 2010 by sygopet
From SETI front page
Our upload (results) storage area is full. The project is down until we resolve this
25 Sep 2010 7:57:24 UTC
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Posted 14 Sep 2010 by sygopet
Seti update, Tuesday 16:24 UTC
Most servers and services were shut down and will remain down as we continue to wait for the air conditioning to be fixed, which will be Tuesday at the earliest.

Looks like Friday at the earliest to me, if the usual midweek shutdown is included!
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Posted 22 Jul 2010 by sygopet
SIMAP is back up this morning - outage due to broken power cable, arising from local destruction work.
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Posted 3 Apr 2009 by sygopet
Cosmology@Home appears to be (partly) back in action. You can now upload completed units from your computer and get credit for these.
However there are no new units available for download yet.
7) Message boards : Projects : Calling all Kiwis (Message 18622)
Posted 18 Jul 2008 by sygopet
Keep an eye open for a new project to study the genetic code of the Brown Kiwi:
8) Message boards : BOINC Manager : My wish list (Message 4715)
Posted 14 Jun 2006 by sygopet
Two things I would like to see, both on the "Tasks" page:
(i) The different status descriptions be in a colour depending on what is happening to the task. For example, "Running" could be in green and "Preempted" in red.
(ii) The ability to sort on the project column (preferably automatically!). On switch on, the projects are all nicely sorted in alphabetical order. I currently run seven projects on my machine and within a few hours of starting, after downloading new tasks as work is processed, the page becomes distinctly untidy!
9) Message boards : BOINC Manager : BOINC 5.4.9 is released (Message 4298)
Posted 12 May 2006 by sygopet
BOINC 5.4.9 is now the new recommended version.

Many thanks to everyone involved: I downloaded the file and installed over the existing software. No pain, no strain and (apparently) no loss of data. The whole setup continued where it left off.
I particularly like the totally revamped statistics page.
10) Message boards : BOINC Manager : Suggestion for the Next Release (Message 3454)
Posted 12 Mar 2006 by sygopet
... and perhaps more than one page for graphs for those (I admit it - I'm one!) who use BOINC for several projects. Or a "click to enlarge" link.
11) Message boards : BOINC Manager : BBC Climate Change Experiment (Message 3405)
Posted 9 Mar 2006 by sygopet
I'm not quite sure why cam is getting uptight about the BBC project: no-one is forcing him to do anything!
This experiment is mainly designed to attract new users, schools (where the subject of climate change is increasingly a concern for young people), businesses etc who might not have encountered the BOINC "community" before. It is NOT suitable for existing BOINC users (unless they have spare computers they can dedicate to the task) for the reasons indicated elsewhere in this thread by Andrew Hingston. I myself have tried to take it on board as part of my BOINC portfolio but, for various reasons, decided to detach after a few days.
To get to 60000 hosts in about 3 weeks seems an astonishingly successful achievement: only Seti, Einstein and the main CP projects have more. In 140 countries reflects the desire for people around the world to face up to a problem which could lead to a massive change in world climate within the lifetime of many alive today.
The BBC is not "profitting" on a publicity stunt; yes it has prepared television programmes on climate change - and will prepare programmes highlighting the experimental results. But that's its business - indeed it is obliged, under its charter, to consider all aspects of life.
Yes, there are technical problems for some users but these are recognised and explained.
And comments on "TV tax" are irrelevant from someone who doesn't pay it.
By the way, I have no connection with the BBC!
12) Message boards : BOINC Manager : getting error 504? (Message 3403)
Posted 9 Mar 2006 by sygopet
Error 504 merely indicates that the client is not able to connect with the server. Seti is in the habit of updating the database every week or so, usually on a Wednesday evening (frustrating for europeans who catch up at that time of the day!) for 3 hours or so. I think you can get a 504 during this time or for a period after the server is running again and it is overwhelmed with clients (like you!) trying to catch up.
Nothing to worry about, it all gets sorted out in time (long or short) depending on how long the shutdown.
The information is there on Wiki but not the easiest to find.

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