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1) Message boards : News : Client version 7.8.2 released (Message 81626)
Posted 29 Sep 2017 by spnorton
As far as I can see, 7.8.2 is still broken. Can you post a link to previous version files? Thanks.
2) Message boards : News : Client version 7.8.2 released (Message 81604)
Posted 27 Sep 2017 by spnorton
Hi still having trouble with 7.8.2. Every now and then, when it finishes a task, it won't go get a new replacement. Running 4 tasks, and once each one is done, I get no new ones. The first time I caught it, I was down to 1 task. Today it's down to 3. Stopping/starting the Project doesn't fix it. Only resetting the entire project fixes it, but if you do that, all your current running tasks are wiped out. Occasionally It will finally replace a task, only to get a "Computational error" which I have to manually abort. Then it's hit or miss as to whether it will go get a new task or not. Am I the only one experiencing this??
3) Message boards : Questions and problems : 7.8.2 Not using the correct number of cores (Message 81464)
Posted 19 Sep 2017 by spnorton
Been running over a year with no problems. Now all of the sudden I see I'm only running 1 task! Normal settings are 50%CPU, so normally 4 tasks on my i7 4771. I try and force sync and nothing. I reboot and it's still running 1 task. So I reset the Project itself... This time I get 3 new tasks. I change CPU to 100%CPU and still just 3 tasks. Can't get it back to 4 tasks using 50%CPU.


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