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Posted 28 Jul 2017 by Lionel HANNEQUIN
This will be my last message. Promised. I just want my beginner feeling to be returned to you all.

In my opinion, David's idea of thinking of a new BOINC client is a really good idea and he has really good arguments.
This would allow small groups of scientists, with little knowledge of coding for a new BOINC project, to benefit from the larger community and there would be more and more projects to come.
I do not know anything about the difficulty of coding a new calculation project for BOINC but I imagine that the difficulty must be a brake for many scientists.
David will come up against people who think it's not a good idea to change BOINC. Reading posts, I guess it seems to be already the case.

Below, you will find my point of view, just a few ideas.
These are only ideas and of course I specify that I am of very beginner level, even if I calculated already 10 years ago and that I made a long break of several years.
To start, I want to tell you that I am French and that my English will not be perfect, even if Google helps me a little.

At the very first use of the new BOINC to come, the user could choose one or more calculation domains, for example astrophysics.
Users could leave it at that, maybe with an explanatory comment, for example: "Profitable to small groups of scientists".
And for those who really want to choose a specific project, advanced options available, would allow to choose among the presentation of all projects contained in the field of astrophysics.
As everyone would be happy, those who prefer to choose a domain and offer the services of their computer in equal parts among all the projects of the field of astrophysics, but also those who want to know precisely where their calculations power goes.

Regarding the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtaking advantage of smartphones, it's a great idea too. The battery should not be exhausted, however... Why not use 5% of the processor on video game consoles too?

For my part, I have a return to share.
In BOINC's preferences (I may not have the right translations of the menus because my BOINC is in French) in "Calculations in progress".
In the "Limits of use", I find it unfortunate to express the processor in terms of percentage.
BOINC could easily find out how many cores the host processor has and the user could choose the number of cores to share.
The percentage option may be useful for people who have multiple computers, I do have never tried, I do not know.

What I find the most unfortunate, really unfortunate, is the option just below: "Use up to x% of the processor time".
If I choose to put 10%, I have a look to my monitoring software, and I realize that BOINC actually uses 10% of the processor time, but uses the processor at a level of 100% !
In order not to heat up the equipment or to use it too quickly, I prefer to choose: "Use up to 25% of the CPU total power".
And that the processor no longer uses 100% with a break of a few seconds, then back to 100%, etc...
Because I wish a very linear 25% use of my total processor capacity, with a break of a few seconds to cool the equipment, then again to 25% but never higher.
And the same for the GPU, I want a very linear use with the percentage I choose, with a break of a few seconds to cool the equipment.

Thinking in terms of percentages of the processor total power, the user who has a laptop on battery, for example, could choose 10% of the processor total power if he wants to conserve energy for his plane trip.
This would not prevent him from continuing calculate and send the results with the airport or home wifi.
One could even imagine an algorithm that would automatically decrease the linear percentage used by the processor for the BOINC use in perfect line with the decline of the laptop battery.

And for a cell phone calculating with BOINC, I imagine that the fear of all people will be that the battery wears out too quickly.
Thus, the user could try 10% of the power of the processor and increase it gradually until finding the best choice according to its daily activity, with the choice to increase the total power according to the days and hours.
But this requires a linear use of the processor.
With a linear use of the processor, I ask myself if the option to choose how many cores of the processor to be used is still usefull ?
BOINC could perhaps uses all the cores and user could maybe only choose a linear total power of the processor to use.

These are only personal returns, I do not expect an answer, I do not impose my ideas, it is just a feeling.

My final personnal need is a linear use of the processor with break of a few seconds to cool the equipment.

Best regards from France.

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Posted 28 Jul 2017 by Lionel HANNEQUIN
Yes, absolutely, it was only an example. You are right.
I thought about it only 5 minutes with three imposed letters: "Sci".
This is why I said it takes a brainstorming and feedback like yours are welcome for a global agreement.
Someone can say, "I found", and someone will contradict it with good personal arguments.
A chat session appointment to present ideas of each other can easily make a good brainstorming.
There are also softwares to search for new words by mixing vowels and consonants.
On the other hand, it should not be too difficult to code for the geek community.
One must also be careful that the word chosen is not an insult in another country.
We often find very nice words in our ancient civilizations or the existing tribes: ubuntu is a good example.
3) Message boards : News : NSF funds new model for BOINC (Message 79819)
Posted 27 Jul 2017 by Lionel HANNEQUIN
I have red the page named "TBD: a new model for volunteer computing" by David Anderson, 1 June 2017.
You are searching for a name for the new model for BOINC.
You name it "TBD" for now and you thought about names starting with "Sci".
Why not Scitizen ?
I have graduated from business and for a name to be retained, it is simple, you need vowels.
The name needs vowels, the name must be remembered, ideally must make guess the product that is behind (ex: CHOCO-BANANA) one guesses easily.
Scitizen: many vowels, easy to remember, we guess that it is science and citizens behind.
But the GOOD name is hard to choose, need a brainstorming and a global agreement.
Best regards from France.

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