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Posted 23 Jul 2017 by KiwiParty
For the betterment of BOINC?

I certainly would opt for a better joint team between BOINC and Gridcoin.
BOINC is mandatory for Gridcoin, not vice-versa.
But there is a lot of negativity towards Gridcoin in this forum, not really one positive feedback.
Questions like monetarizing BOINC did arouse, like this would be the end of all research through BOINC.

I quite dont understand how this thought is kept.
Would someone asking such question opt for any cryptocurrency at all?
Where is the catch? Gridcoin is a reward for sharing your own ressources for research. It is not mandatory.

But what about this example.

Dear AP finder,
Congratulations! Our records indicate that a computer registered by you has found a unique Arithmetic Progression of primes of length 21. This computer is assigned to the AP27 project. Since primes found in this subproject are not large enough to report to the Top 5000 Primes List, your AP21 sequence is visible immediately.

the result is the same, but this one is powered by Gridcoin!

Instead of making cryptocurrencies a bastion for revenue and speculations, greed and profit, adding energy waste on top,
I truly admire Gridcoin was invented and does exist. Of course, I can say this about BOINC as well.

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