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Hi there,

I'm delighted to let you all know that we have two brand new, and very different Zooniverse projects for you this week. As always, the research teams behind these project cannot achieve their goals without your help! Therefore, they will be very grateful for any assistance you can give them with their research. Find out more, and learn how to get involved in these new projects below:

Drawing Knowledge

Are you interested in drawings and the arts?

The J. Paul Getty Museum is excited to announce the launch of their first crowdsourcing project Drawing Knowledge.

In this project, volunteers–– like you––will take the lead in describing and interpreting drawings from the Getty Museum’s extraordinary collection which includes works by artists such as Leonardo da Vinci and Vincent van Gogh. Participants will be presented with a random selection of drawings from over 1000 individual sheets and will be asked to share their knowledge and observations. Drawing Knowledge also seeks to foster an online community built around a shared appreciation of the drawings and hopes to spark lively discussions among participants and curators.

Your contributions will help us improve the experience of future visitors both in gallery and online. The collected data will inform the interpretation of drawing and improve the search functionality of the website by providing subject-tags, making the collection more accessible.

It’s time to “Getty” involved and give this project a try!

Learn more, and get involved at

Drones for Ducks

Ever wanted to get a bird’s eye view…of birds?

Now you can, with the launch of Drones for Ducks! In this joint project from the University of New Mexico and US Fish and Wildlife, you’ll tag migratory birds in drone photos from wildlife refuges in New Mexico.

Every year, biologists count populations of migratory birds that spend the winter at wildlife refuges. They need to know how many birds there are to ensure there are enough resources to go around for everyone, and to track changes in the population over time. Migratory birds are important not only to one ecosystem but many as they complete their seasonal treks. Understanding impacts to their populations can help us understand environmental problems that span vast regions, even continents!

Our goal is to develop a whole new way of surveying wildlife populations that is less disruptive and more accurate than surveying on foot: using drones!

But we have one big problem—the large number of images that come from the drones makes counting birds by hand an overwhelming and time-consuming task. To get around this, we are developing an algorithm that can scan the images and automatically count and identify the birds for us. To work, the algorithm needs a large number of examples provided by humans of what each kind of bird looks like so that it can learn how to detect them on its own.

This is where you come in! By labeling ducks, geese, and cranes our drone imagery, you will help make that library of examples the algorithm needs to identify the birds. No birding experience required! At the project site, you can find a short tutorial that will teach you to identify ducks, geese, and cranes. You can also connect with the researchers on Talk, as well as on Twitter and Facebook!

Learn more, and join us at

Thanks so much for your continued efforts on the Zooniverse!
Grant & the Zooniverse Team
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That's not the flag that got checked, the flag is always within square brackets [ ], so in this case the app_msg_receive flag is checked.

Edit: in case lots of other flags are checked, the default ones needed are: task, file_xfer and sched_ops. All others, if not debugging or needing extra information, can be turned off.
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LIVE: Starship SN15 Flight Test

SpaceX is performing a test flight of Starship SN15. The prototype will aim to be the first Starship vehicle to softly land during a high altitude flight test. Like the previous Starship prototypes, SN15 is expected to fly to approximately 10 kilometers.
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With the newer motherboards there are a lot of USB ports and controllers on board, so you may have to figure out which port is used by your hard drive and which controller is connected to that. Or just turn all off and turn them on one by one.

But in any case, when you check in Device Manager on the Universal Serial Bus Controllers, right click on any of the controllers may give a Power Management tab, click that and uncheck "Allow the computer to turn off the device to save power". Do this also for the Root Hubs, and with chance there's an entry for a USB Mass Storage Device with this tab entry.
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The BOINC user groups and accounts are only needed to run BOINC as a service. They aren't needed to run BOINC as not a service.

But in case they are missing, and are inhabiting you to reinstall/uninstall, then follow this BOINC FAQ:

For the newer Windows 10 versions, to get to the elevated command prompt do the following: Search->type cmd->right-click Command Prompt->choose Run as administrator->Acknowledge.
Then do:
    net user boinc_master /add (press Enter).
    net user boinc_project /add (press Enter).
    net localgroup boinc_admins /add (press Enter).
    net localgroup boinc_projects /add (press Enter).
    net localgroup boinc_users /add (press Enter).
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Depending on operating system, make sure the USB ports/controller don't go into power saving mode after N minutes.
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You can add the groups and accounts again with the net command from an elevated command line.
I'll write it out later on.
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My condolences, Dave
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And there's nothing about whether this will enhance the computational use of GPUs. The only technical commentary concentrates on frame buffering, user input, and latency: in other words, gaming.

In that case one may want to remove the newest Windows Update:

A lot of users have reported that having installed Windows 10 KB5001330 cumulative update, they have also experienced some bad stuttering and FPS drop when playing games.

Sub-Reddit R / Windows10 Gamers have reported that the KB5001330 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 2004 (“20H1”) and Windows 10 20H2 and KB5001337 for Windows 10 1903 and 1909 can actually cause blue screens and error messages 0x800f081f, 0x800f0984, or 0x800f0922 during installation.
Error 0x800f081f occurs when installing updates

In this context, current Nvidia GeForce 466.11 WHQL graphics driver and Intel graphics driver are frequently cited as the cause of crashes. Crashes during installation also occur with AMD graphics cards, regardless of whether they are Core i series or Ryzen.
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Jim Steinman, 73, American composer and songwriter (Paradise by the dashboard light by Meatloaf,Total Eclipse of the Heart by Bonnie Tyler)
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NASA’s New Horizons Reaches a Rare Space Milestone – It’s Almost 5 Billion Miles Away and Still Exploring
In the weeks following its launch in early 2006, when NASA’s New Horizons was still close to home, it took just minutes to transmit a command to the spacecraft, and hear back that the onboard computer received and was ready to carry out the instructions.

As New Horizons crossed the solar system, and its distance from Earth jumped from millions to billions of miles, that time between contacts grew from a few minutes to several hours. And on April 17 at 12:42 UTC (or April 17 at 8:42 a.m. EDT), New Horizons reached a rare deep-space milepost – 50 astronomical units from the Sun, or 50 times farther from the Sun than Earth is.

New Horizons is just the fifth spacecraft to reach this great distance, following the legendary Voyagers 1 and 2 and their predecessors, Pioneers 10 and 11. It’s almost 5 billion miles (7.5 billion kilometers) away; a remote region where one of those radioed commands, even traveling at the speed of light, needs seven hours to reach the far flung spacecraft. Then add seven more hours before its control team on Earth finds out if the message was received.
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Yesterday I installed Windows 10 20H2 on two of my systems.
One has a 7,200rpm HDD, the other an NVMe SSD.

The system with the HDD has the least installed on it, it's just a basic machine to cater the NAS to watch stuff of TV.
The system with the SSD is my gaming rig.

HDD: 35 minutes.
SSD: 2 minutes.

Next I'll be installing an SSD in the system with the HDD. It is the way forward. :)
13) Message boards : Questions and problems : Android 7.16.16 not connecting to WU server (Message 103928)
Posted 10 Apr 2021 by Profile Jord
The log you gave is the one by the manager when communicating with the client, not the client communicating with a project server.

Which project or projects did you add? Do these have ARM applications? Do they have work for these applications?
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So will pomp & circumstance be an exception?

The Duke of Edinburgh will not have a state funeral and there will be no lying-in-state, in line with his wishes, the College of Arms has said. The college said Prince Philip will lie at rest in Windsor Castle before a royal ceremonial funeral at St George's Chapel.

The public are "regretfully" requested not to attend due to the pandemic.
It is understood the Queen is considering modified funeral and ceremonial arrangements.
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Robert Mundell, 88, Canadian, father of the Euro and Reaganomics
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Paul Ritter, 55, British actor (Quantum of Solace, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Chernobyl)
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It's snowing. Brrrr.
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What it means is the location of the film. As for 1000's on the one hard drive?
Where can one buy such a massive storage device?
File compression.

You don't have to have the resolution be in 3840x2160, 1920x1080 or even smaller 1280x720 will get your filesize down.
If you then get H.265 compression instead of H.264, this compresses even better. As such a 1080p resolution file will be 3.5GB in H.264, but much smaller in H.265

I have one 8TB HDD in my NAS that holds several tens of thousands of files of TV series that aren't on television anymore that I'd like to keep.
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(hope I don't get in trouble for posting it twice)
Oh yeah, now you dunnit. Barn Owl will flog you. Maybe. ;)

In answer to your question, the new Android app is so bugged that it's maybe better to wait for the version with fixes being developed right now. And let's hope they put that one out for proper beta testing instead of releasing it fingers crossed it's flawless.

Having read the Help page (, it would seem that the workarounds are still very much needed. These cannot be fixed by a newer BOINC version as these are restrictions by the Android operating system.
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No such thing as a Sci-Fi documentary.
Someone's obviously never seen Mars:
Mars is a documentary and hard science fiction television series produced by National Geographic, which premiered on November 14, 2016, on their channel, and FX.

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