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1) Message boards : BOINC Manager : Make a setting to use different settings on Screensaver or screen standby than when using the computer. (Message 79384)
Posted 28 Jun 2017 by Cedric Austin Cloud
I would recommend a setting to allow a user to choose different preferences for when being on screensaver or having screen standby then when using the computer.

Im quite often using one computer to etc. game on and leaving the other computer on to search or watch videos.

When im using the search/video i would like it to only use 50% CPU cores so i can search or watch videos uninhibited.

But if i etc. have ended a search or am not watching videos and it goes on screensaver/standby i would like it to use 100% CPU cores to maximize my support.

Or if i am leaving the computer and it goes on Screensaver/Standby i would like it to again use 100% CPU power.

Its a bit of a nuisance to have to go into the settings each time one have ended a search or is leaving the computer and have to set it on 100% and when back or starting a new search having to put it back on 50% to not being hindered.

I would hope you can see my idea and make such a useful settings since it will probably make a little more support come out on some peoples computers since one like me tends to just leave it on 50% to make it simpler.

The setting to suspend project on % usage doesn't always work since a search or video does not always utilize enough to suspend the project.

Ty for listening and thank you for a great way to support science.

Best Regards,
2) Message boards : Android : Move Project Data to SDCard (Message 79383)
Posted 28 Jun 2017 by Cedric Austin Cloud
I like to be able to support science i the world even with my mobile device but i feel like there is missing a few things.

Like being able to select how many days of project data i want on phones that doesnt have its own SimCard and sometimes will have to wait for a WIFI conection.

And being able to move the Project data to the SDCard because i have 2 devices with 1 core on 1.4Ghz and another with 2 cores on 1.2Ghz but they are missing just 900MB of space but both of them have 32 GB og SDCard.

Ty again for a great idea about making phones into mini science computers.

Best regards

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