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Posted 10 Sep 2018 by ChristianVirtual
I would appreciate more transparency visually direct below both options of SU and Boinc indicating the incompatibility between both user/credit system in order to avoid trouble later once a new joiner in SU want to transition to a more self-controlled way of contribution and might join a team.
They would need to understand that their previous (anonymous) contributions are “lost” and not be carried over.

It should not be hidden in some linked text in a linked text no one is reading (like TOS).

Without such transparency there will be more noise in the future and lots bad emotions towards BOINC. The donor/team/credit system is not to be underestimated and a main motivational driver to compensate for the monetary expenses associated with VC.
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Posted 7 Apr 2018 by ChristianVirtual
please allow me a follow-up question:

the use of WebRPC API (e.g. show_user.php or team_email_list.php) as XML-format would be rated as unfriendly ? For the server stats it says: no faster then 10min; but other requests there is no limit given.
If I would once per hour grab that XML from my team and some "competitors" -> do you think that would be acceptable ?

Sure I can try to contact the project admins each by each and get their feedback; but from the general point ... whats your thoughts ?
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Posted 7 Apr 2018 by ChristianVirtual
Thanks both,

Because I see it not only with Seti@Germany for WOW but also other non-signup challenges. So I hoped there is an official way and a better answer like "please contact the admin and use the challenge-API" ;-)

Beside disliking unfriendly scraping of websites I'm actually even too lazy for. And with the number of different ways to present those data on their sites its also quite cumbersome.
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Posted 7 Apr 2018 by ChristianVirtual
I understand how to download from stats the regular statistics with user.xml, hosts.xml and team.xml.

For my own statistics (and to support my team) I have my own database collecting those for the projects we are interested in.
Now I see often enough that during challenges the update frequency is much faster as the "official" stats file.

Is there a different way to get more update-to-date statistics ? Is that project specific or how can e.g. for SETI happen an hourly update while the regular stats-files come every 24hours ?

Thanks for any hint !
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Posted 15 Aug 2017 by ChristianVirtual
Hello Carl,
Dropped you a mail ...

Thanks Coleslaw for the hint.


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