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1) Message boards : BOINC Manager : Error message: Boinc Manager is not able to connect to... (Message 3738)
Posted 1 Apr 2006 by Carlos_Pfitzner
Check the task manager and see if boinc.exe is in the list of processes. If not, it sounds like the boinc.exe program died. You should be able to fix this by exiting the boinc manager program and restarting it. Boinc manager will start the boinc.exe program if it isn't running when you launch it.

Pardon by this off topic but this web-site by James Drews

is showing a Jpgraph error for me

Unkown color: grey5

Well, I find James Drews posting on this forum, a few days ago.
Sorry again, thanks
2) Message boards : BOINC client : Should be on Boinc Alpha, please pass on (Message 2924)
Posted 2 Feb 2006 by Carlos_Pfitzner
How did u manage to create an Alpa test account ???

Every time I try I get -:(

Create an account

Account Creation is Disabled
Account creation is disabled for BOINC alpha test at the moment. Please try again later.

ps: besides this, I am subscribed to the alpha mailing list and testing 5.3.16

3) Message boards : BOINC client : Problems running locally compiled BOINC (Message 2920)
Posted 2 Feb 2006 by Carlos_Pfitzner
I have no idea about that compile errors

However, this ...

Benchmark results:
Number of CPUs: 2
455 floating point MIPS (Whetstone) per CPU
813 integer MIPS (Dhrystone) per CPU
Finished CPU benchmarks

These results are WAY too low for P3 processors @933MHz

Yeah! Far low away from what "Sisoft Sandra" reports for a similar CPU -:(

May be this low benchmark is the cause of my last telephone bill of $259.93
Despite connected from midnight to 06:00 AM, everyday, (single pulse bill times)
*Nothing more to download ...
*at about 03:00 PM everyday, my CPU runs out-of-work and gets IDLE!
*Then I connect to Internet to get more work (on the billed by minute times)
*and the result I said above, --> BIG telephone bill!
ps: I have already set my prefererences to more than 1 day of work, to no avail.

*However since I started using crunch3r client, I have no more need to
connect to Internet during the billed by minute times to get new work ...
*The work that the client download during the single-pulse-bill-times period,
is enough to keep my cpu busy until next midnight -:) ->only using crunch3r<-

That's said, crunch3r client is a few points below Sandra too !
*Its a loss that their clients are all old, but at least
allow savings on telephone bill.
4) Message boards : BOINC client : req: new feat. to avoid BOINC clogging networks (Message 2919)
Posted 2 Feb 2006 by Carlos_Pfitzner
The client only does two transfers at a time. The rest of them wait for one of the active transfers to finish. I also would like to see this a settable number so that I could allow more simultanious transfers for my systems with good bandwith.

IF the boinc server has good bandwidth too, and is serving only you, YES!

U said "only two transfers at a time"
However I catched today four download transfers at a time!.
*If u need a probe, I can post here a 4 megabytes bmp of a snapshot of my destop
*ps: WHY boincmanager does not allow copying messages text ?

The files being downloaded at the time I catched, was:
two files downloads simultaneus to rosetta
plus at same time two files downloads simultaneus to simap
*totaling 4 WU downloads simultaneus ...

*at the higest speed of 0.60 kbps each file.

If it was possible to pause 3 of the simultaneus transfers streams
the remaining file transfer that was not paused, will speed up to 2.4 kbps

While boinc does not decide transferring only one file at a time,
my CPU got a 2 hours of IDLE time, wating for work, being downloaded ...

May be this IDLE time was only a half hour, IF *only one download each time

5) Message boards : BOINC Manager : Can't manage BOINC under Linux (Message 2843)
Posted 28 Jan 2006 by Carlos_Pfitzner
seems that u will have to start ./boinc -redirectio &
and then enter somethinhg like

./boinc_cmd --set_proxy_settings
or wheater ip is u proxy :port

*no provision to user/password ay least until 5.2.12

ps: use
./boinc -help
to command line options that can be used while starting boinc
./boinc_cmd --help
to additional commands u can do in line mode (after boinc is running_
6) Message boards : BOINC client : BOINC running stand-alone? (Message 2842)
Posted 28 Jan 2006 by Carlos_Pfitzner
I use this line on /etc/rc.local to start boinc on boot (below is *one* line)

su boinc -c " cd ; . /etc/profile ; cd BOINC ; ./boinc -redirectio -allow_remote_gui_rpc -return_results_immediately & "

and then use boincview to manage the headless cruchers over the web -or- the lan

If this old pc is slow, say 100-800 mhz
I suggest crunching simap on it

I realized that is ease to meet deadlines
on old/slow pcs with this project ...
*application uses integer arithmetic, not float point
7) Message boards : BOINC client : Why does BOINC crash my system? (Message 2841)
Posted 28 Jan 2006 by Carlos_Pfitzner
OK. I set my monitor to power off after 5 minutes -> electric bill savings
However, some times, I expend more than 5 minutes reading one page

When I realize that the monitor was powered off is too late
and I lost 4-6 seconds waiting the tube to heat again.

Thus, I use default screen saver after 4 minutes, and power off after 5 minutes
So, If I expend more than 4 minutes reading a page, the screen goes black,
but returns immediately , by one hit on cntrl or shift.

If Im away, next minute a power off occurs

I believe this way I am preserving cathodic ray tube life,
and not losing my time waiting it heats again, after power off

ps: my HD is set to never spin down
-> a replacement HD costs more than the electric bill -:)
and with that too many spin down/up it ends with a head crash
8) Message boards : BOINC client : Why does BOINC crash my system? (Message 2820)
Posted 28 Jan 2006 by Carlos_Pfitzner
Boinc screensaver also crashes one of my systems. It works fine on others.

The problem system uses is built with:
Abit AN7 system board with nVidia nForce2 chipset
AMD Athlon XP 1600+ (Palomino)- not overclocked
ATI Radeon 9550 video card

This system has always had video stability issues. This is the second video card as the original one had a BIOS conflict with the system board. My best guess is that there is a 3D rendering issue.

The screensaver comes on and runs with no issues. But once the video goes to power off after any period of time, I cannot bring the video back up. If I hit a key to revive the machine it is just stuck on a black screen. The monitor powers back up as I have a constant green power light on the monitor (it flashes green in power save mode), but it just shows a black screen. If I hit space bar a few times more the machine reboots after about three miniutes. All open apps are lost.

Boinc has no issues if I allow it to run without the screensaver.

My pc does not go out of "screen saver" hitting any key too
However when I move the mouse , its black screen disapears almost immediately
board kt7vt2 video card geforce2 mx400

How about using the default screen saver instead ?
*this one does not use graphics and should not end on graphics card compatibility issues
9) Message boards : BOINC client : BOINC applications exit with zero status but no results (Message 2793)
Posted 27 Jan 2006 by Carlos_Pfitzner
I am running this version
crobertp [/home/boinc/BOINC] > ./boinc -version
5.2.13 i686-pc-linux-gnu
crobertp [/home/boinc/BOINC] >

Read the problem here
10) Message boards : BOINC client : BOINC CC with extensions (Message 2695)
Posted 21 Jan 2006 by Carlos_Pfitzner
Some of you may watch the S@H message board too: I did not know about this forum before, so posted messages about my modifications and extensions of the BOINC core client there.

There were several threads about previous versions in the past, but the recent build with many new features is accessible here:

There are these additional features:

  • configurable RPC port
  • network masks / IP blocks in remote_hosts.cfg
  • return_results_immediately
  • configurable CPU affinity
  • configurable process priority
  • automatic credit self-calibration
  • priority projects - backup projects will be started only when there is no work for the priority project(s)
  • automatic deleting of uncompleted overdue WU's
  • alert when computation exceeds max time
  • manual resetting of all long term and short term debts

In case it interests you, there are more details and the source code at


I go to
and downloaded the optimzed client for sse

I find some bugs !

1) The client version 5.3.6 ignores completely
Network activity based on preferencs
& Network activity suspend

*This bug does not exist on client version 5.3.2

2) In both versions
does not report uploaded results immediately after the upload

*Anyway results are uploaded immediately, with the standard client
provided u are connected to Internet
*However that uploaded results, are reported only a few hours later,
*unless u click update after the upload

3)In both versions
Do set the task priority to normal (as advertised)

However the running thread priority into that task is unaffected
Thus this is only a cosmetic priority change (completely innocuous)

*I am looking is into a way to set thread priority to 4
Currently, despite any task priority u set to task,
the crunching thread always run at priority 1


11) Message boards : BOINC client : Installing the client in linux (Message 2688)
Posted 21 Jan 2006 by Carlos_Pfitzner
chmod 744

do works -:)

my problem is that on Red Hat Linux 7.2 (enigma)
after I do:
./boinc -redirectio &

It claims that it needs a compiled with some special gcc version
and ends
---> gcc 3.0 if I remember correctly

What I have is
crobertp [/home/boinc] > ls /lib/libc* -l
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 1230116 Oct 13 2004 /lib/
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 13 Oct 18 2004 /lib/ ->

and when I place there (on /lib) that required libc the whole system
stops working (not even boot)

-> Then, I need to boot from the cd-room, to restore the original libc
and get the whole system working again

however ./boinc_cmd --get_state

do works -> this one does not require that special gcc version

So, I am asking here why ./boinc needs a special gcc version
while ./boinc_cmd do works with existing gcc library(s)

Otherwise, why not compile/distribute ./boinc static linked ?

12) Message boards : BOINC Manager : How do I speed Boinc up? (Message 2687)
Posted 21 Jan 2006 by Carlos_Pfitzner
That depends on which project(s) you want to crunch for. BOINC itself doesn't crunch, it's the science applications from the different projects that do all that work.

Now, some want lots of level 2 cache on the CPU, whereas others don't mind if it's a P2 or a massive beast.

As for "faster results".. some projects are going to release (Seti) or have released (Einstein) a science application that generally takes much longer in crunch time than the present one does. This to relieve the back end (servers, connection) of having to deal with lots of computers every day all asking for more work.

Much people do still have OLD pcs with CPU's @ 100 mhz
that may be used to crunch faster WUs and still meet deadlines

I found (by experiment)that SIMAP actually may work on these old pcs 100-800 mhz

However SETI-beta has sent me one WU that on my atlhon XP 2000+ left 72 hours
of CPU time to crunch - (over 4 weeks 24/7) and I did not received
the credits of that WU yet
---> may delay a year until there is quorum for that WU (hehe)

Thus what is missing on the web pages of all projects, is a rougly estimate
of how much cpu time ,(eg at 1000 mhz), average WUs of that project delay to be done
and also a estimated size in MBytes of each WU and of each result

Thus a Dialup user will not be faced with a multi megabyte download / upload
and also can select which projects is worth participating, according
with the CPU power of your pc


13) Message boards : BOINC Manager : Switch from main project to secundaire when Main is down. (Message 2686)
Posted 21 Jan 2006 by Carlos_Pfitzner
i have come up with a work around, you can run 2 (or more projects) and place your main project on a high "Resource share" number like 400-500.
now you put your other projects on 1.
400-1 will give 99,75%/0,25% division.

now when a project in the case of 2 is down, out of work, the other will get 100% of the idle cpu time.

i don't find this ideal because you now have take up more resources when you use 2 projects.
With uFluids it's 7MB, can be much more for other projects.

PS:EDIT:didn't see andre's reply, but that's about what i did

When the 2nd project starts a WU this WU do have a dead-time
I believe that with this setup u will *not* meet deadlines
of the secondary project (resource share 1)
U waste u CPU time crunching that WUs that does not meet deadline

Thus, IF no work, better powering off the pc to save electrical power
Maye be , a week later, try again IF now there is work ...

Else, crunch 2 projects with a share 100 for each 50% for each one
and pray that does not occurs of both projects w/o WUs at same time

14) Message boards : BOINC Manager : How to attach to a project in alpha stage ? (Message 2671)
Posted 20 Jan 2006 by Carlos_Pfitzner
I am trying to attach to this project
However BOINC says this is not a BOINC project

What tp do ?

Seems on that web site (stats) that there are
some people that managed to attach to

I missing a HOW-TO :?:
15) Message boards : BOINC Manager : feature request: a suspend/resume button on transfers tab (Message 2606)
Posted 15 Jan 2006 by Carlos_Pfitzner
The title of this post says all

Atualy (5.2.15) has ony the
retry now
and the
abort transfer

I am requesting a suspend/resume button

to allow us to free some network bandwidth
and later resume (continue) the transfer
16) Message boards : BOINC Manager : 2 Suggestions for the Statistics tab of BOINCMGR (Message 2604)
Posted 15 Jan 2006 by Carlos_Pfitzner

my boinc (5.2.15) does not have the "mode view" buttons that appears
on the images of u post

*Where I can download the better/nice version u are using ?

17) Message boards : BOINC client : BOINC client loading old files from SQUID cache (Message 2603)
Posted 15 Jan 2006 by Carlos_Pfitzner
Squid cache can be configured to reload into ims
which causes it does *not* honor browsers "refresh" requests anymore

Thus read carefully squid documentation and configure it properly

Mine is configured to after 12 hours, of a file sored into its cache
do a http://head to original cherrshost, to check IF the file has same size
before serving a file from cache

ps: I am wondering how einsteim programmers managed to to recompie the client
software after changes on code, keeping the "same size" of that executable

*and also why they did not changed the file-name to show the new version

Other projects do it -:) see
C:\\Program Files\\BOINC\\projects>ls

the 5.05 on the above .exe is the version of this application

18) Message boards : BOINC client : req: new feat. to avoid BOINC clogging networks (Message 2588)
Posted 14 Jan 2006 by Carlos_Pfitzner
The core client of boinc when request new work
from a project try to receive ALL WUs of that
project "at the same time"

Actually it can limit the number of kilobytes per
second that is being uploaded or downloaded,
however this feature does not solve the problem
cause it limit that kbytes/s by file

Thus, a request to a new feature to limit the
core client to "n" simultaneus files (I hope 1 file)
-Whe that file finish network transfer, the start 2nd

What is happening todcay with 5.2.15

I connect to Internet to request new work
the project send to me 4 WUs of 4 MB each

At this time my diallu cost about $0.25 by minute
I want to receive only one WU to not run out-of-work

-> later nigth, after midnight, my dialup is free
and I will receive remaining WUs

Cause I connect @ 26,400 bps each WU delays
about 1 hour to complete download

*but BOINC choose to receive all four WUs at once,
and I am forced to stay 4 hours connected
to download them all ,
instead of 1 hour to d/l only 1 WU

Ofcouse this behavior cost much money
to me , and I suppose to all dialup users too

1 WU is enough to keep my CPU bust until the free
dialup time arrives
*I dislike having to receive four at once when I need one

ps: as side effect of receiving 4 WUs at once
I cannot surf internet while downlods/uploads occur
cause my dialup network keeps clogged until
all transfers complete

If receiving/uploading only 1 WU at time,
I can surf internet at half speed, instead
of being blocked to surf Internet


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