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1) Message boards : The Lounge : 1,000,000th BOINC-user has arrived (Message 10054)
Posted 8 May 2007 by James Drews
Is there any way to discover who the millionth member is?

Yes and no. I can easily (and have) run a querry on the data at BOINC Combined Stats to get the 1,000,000 person to sign up. For you SQL nuts, it would be something like:

select cpid, min(create_time) from users group by cpid order by create_time

and then just go to the 1,000,000 in the list. BUT, the problem is not all current projects export stats, and a few (LHC @ Home) did at one time but currently don't. So, unless we can get a few more of the projects that have been around a while to export data, it would be kind of hard to get an accurate 1,000,000 user to start using BOINC.

Based on current data, The millionth person started using BOINC on May 1,2007 21:23:51 CDT, only participating in 1 project (Rosetta@Home).

The first person to use BOINC (big shock here) was David Anderson on Feb 13, 1999 17:28:13 CST.

2) Message boards : BOINC Manager : CPU throttling in 5.4.11 ? (Message 5886)
Posted 2 Oct 2006 by James Drews
Boinc adopted the Linux numbering scheme In the version number ?.x.? if x is even, it is a public release, if x is odd, then it is a beta release. So you will only see even number releases on the download.
3) Message boards : Web interfaces : stats incorrectly show my PC as (Message 5885)
Posted 2 Oct 2006 by James Drews
Ok, it is mostly because those projects are not "active". The system is only using "active" hosts for the most part, but some of those projects are retired or out of work, or ??. I will work on fixing this issue in the next few days.
4) Message boards : BOINC client : Does the official client implement what truxoft has done? (Message 5289)
Posted 11 Aug 2006 by James Drews
As for the "improved features", the developer of the truxoft boinc port is welcome to contribute his changes back to the boinc project to be included in the offical client. No guarentee they will accept all the changes, but I am sure some of those features would be.
5) Message boards : BOINC Manager : Not listed (Message 5192)
Posted 2 Aug 2006 by James Drews
the stats site only imports the data once a day. If you just changed the setting on the one project today, the stats site won't reflect that change until tomorrow.

6) Message boards : BOINC Manager : Not listed (Message 5180)
Posted 1 Aug 2006 by James Drews
In the list of users with 1 computer and 5 or more projects I am not listed (or not listed any longer). Just wondering why.

My initial guess would be that you have "hide computers" selected for the newly attached rcn project (assuming is you)
7) Message boards : BOINC client : Running BOINC on a flash drive (Message 5076)
Posted 21 Jul 2006 by James Drews
Yes, but I wouldn't recomend it. Flash drive technology is such that it will only allow so many writes to the drive before it will go bad. Boinc and its science apps write data quite often, so I wouldn't recomend it.
8) Message boards : BOINC Manager : error (Message 4934)
Posted 7 Jul 2006 by James Drews
Actually, I lurk here (don't have a message board on the site).

The ranking is correct. David Anderson requested that we only count "active" users when looking at the user counts, so the list now only counts those with a RAC >= 1.0

This way we don't count those that joined the project for a short time and are no longer around.
9) Message boards : BOINC Manager : running boinc on two machines (Message 4789)
Posted 20 Jun 2006 by James Drews
Boinc can't use the same directory more than once. You need to either run boinc from two different directories (one on each computer), or use the command line option -dir <path> on the second computer to specify a different directory for boinc to use.
10) Message boards : Web interfaces : SIMAP not updated on boinc.netsoft-online (Message 4788)
Posted 20 Jun 2006 by James Drews
Thanks for the notice. The stats for SIMAMP will update again with tomorrow's update run. The name of the stats export files changed. *sigh*

One of these days I will make it parse the db_dump.xml file to get the stats export file names, just haven't had the time...
11) Message boards : Web interfaces : Missing / in Leiden-Links on (Message 4696)
Posted 12 Jun 2006 by James Drews
12) Message boards : Web interfaces : Request for additional features in User Detailed Information. (Message 4286)
Posted 11 May 2006 by James Drews
I've been working on a Firefox extension that displays a user's stats for BOINC and the individual projects in the status bar. While working on this and while testing the BOINC User Totals function I noticed a problem on my personal stats at . I'm not sure if the problem is with XtremLab or or boinc-netsoft-online. The problem is an error message on the ExtremLab and Total Credit JpGraphs. The error message reads Unknown color: grey5. Could someone look into this?

Ok, fixed the typo.
13) Message boards : BOINC Manager : Error message: Boinc Manager is not able to connect to... (Message 3679)
Posted 28 Mar 2006 by James Drews
Check the task manager and see if boinc.exe is in the list of processes. If not, it sounds like the boinc.exe program died. You should be able to fix this by exiting the boinc manager program and restarting it. Boinc manager will start the boinc.exe program if it isn't running when you launch it.
14) Message boards : BOINC Manager : attaching projects; account ids; view own stats (Message 3398)
Posted 8 Mar 2006 by James Drews

As for the cpid, this starts off as being something issued by each project, and not necessarily the same as that from other sites. Provide that all of your projects are on the same computer, as it contacts each project, the cpids will change to the one issued by the last project that you joined. (The latest cpid.)

Now that's counter-intuitive, but I suppose the assumption is that the latest computer added is known to be good, while earlier ones may have been retired. Right now I only have the one.

Well, that isn't quite right. The cpid that gets slected is the one that has the higher value. So, if you had a cpid of 4 and attached to a new project and that project had generated a cpid of 3 for you, the new project would change to 4.
15) Message boards : BOINC Manager : Transfer tab - Percents done (Message 3391)
Posted 7 Mar 2006 by James Drews
From the checkin notes:

Rom 14 Feb 2006
- Spec Change: Transfers should be 0% until data is actually transfered.

So, any version released after Feb 14th should have this fixed.
16) Message boards : BOINC Manager : Suspending Projects and LTD? (Message 3169)
Posted 20 Feb 2006 by James Drews
The LTD is not adjusted on suspended projects, however it is still normalized as the other project's debts are adjusted. This will cause it to drift some but not nearly as much as it would if it was being activly adjuseted.

Just to add to that for completeness. If you have a project that you set to "no new work", the LTD will still get adjusted as long as there is work for that project. A suspended project shouldn't see its LTD change unless you detach from a project - then it will get normalized.

But, there is a bug in the 5.2.x client where the LTD is not always credited/debited correctly. I finally tracked this one down and squashed it and that fix will be in the next public release of the client (5.4.x - it is in the latest code that is in alpha/beta test).
17) Message boards : BOINC client : Assign client to alternative TCP-port (Message 3120)
Posted 16 Feb 2006 by James Drews
The 5.3.x series hasn't been released yet from beta testing. Sorry, I don't know when the 5.3 version will be released to the public.
18) Message boards : BOINC client : Assign client to alternative TCP-port (Message 3099)
Posted 15 Feb 2006 by James Drews
You have the command line option right. The catch is you have to be using version 5.3.3 or later for it to work.
19) Message boards : Web interfaces : What i must do, when i have a fixed web translation file?? (Message 3098)
Posted 15 Feb 2006 by James Drews
Send the updated file via email to
translate @

After they add the changes to the repository, the other boinc sites will get the changes when they update their server side code.
20) Message boards : Web interfaces : Request for additional features in User Detailed Information. (Message 3097)
Posted 15 Feb 2006 by James Drews
Ah, ok. I can't edit that site. It looks like it uses a cached set of the export data from

I will drop David a note about your request.

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