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Posted 2 May 2017 by Meerkat
Apologies for cross posting to the "" forum...

Had the "you are using an old URL" notice a couple weeks back and dutifully changed to "" but had no contact; after a quick search I learned about the server issues. Sorry to hear you had some pretty major dramas, hope things will improve!

Today I saw Ageless re-post of Andy's message, stating the main server was back online; so have attempted to reconnect by again removing the project and re-adding it. Still nothing, the communication keeps getting deferred for 24hrs.

I also noticed the main web address "" still returns an "Error establishing a database connection" message.

So I guess the question is should we go back to use the old "ithaqua" URL or stick with the new one?

Or are we better off removing the project completely and allowing some extra time for things to settle fully?

Thanks in advance for the reply and keep up the great work!


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