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Posted 13 Jun 2017 by iFoggz.canada
Ive read your proposal and I'm not comfortable with the direction of this for various reason. As a long time cruncher under various accounts over the years I hope that boinc will continue to be maintained separate from this account manager and the account manager would just be an alternative option for a user. I enjoy selecting what projects, applications and what amount of resources I choose to crunch towards a project as well as various boinc settings I can change to make my system more efficient. It saddens me there is a direction to mainly commercialize boinc with this as well. There is security concerns as well with regards to the account manager being able to allocate resources to projects that is defiantly something that could become exploitable. This account manager should be something thats released as a option along side boinc but separate. This also has the feel that if the boinc community is only partially forced into this account manager then It will be only a matter of time until you push and push more till its the account manager you have no choice but to use. We've seen this countless times in other sectors. I will continue to maintain control in anyway possible to crunch 15% for this project on this application and 50% on that project on these applications,etc as well as settings that optimize my crunching of data.

I will continue to volunteer compute as I see fit with no future influence of such an account manager nor am I going to use an account manager within an account manager either. There are other avenues for a concept like this. it can just be like bam an account manager a user has a choice to attach. I don't believe it should come with boinc software at all unless a user opts to download the addition of it with the software.

Thank you,

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