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1) Message boards : Questions and problems : Gmail accounts not receiving password reset emails through PHP mail() function (Message 91607)
Posted 22 May 2019 by G_UK
The SPF DNS record for is
v=spf1 ip4: ip4: ip4: -all however resolves to

Edit: It looks like your e-mails are being rejected by providers that check the SPF record (like GMail) as your sending IP is not listed on your DNS record. The IP address of your BOINC mail server needs adding to the DNS SPF record.
2) Message boards : Projects : Enigma@Home Requires Invitation (Message 91578)
Posted 21 May 2019 by G_UK
I've tested it through BOINCstats BAM and through the website (using a test account) and both now require an Invitation code. Like yourself I've been a member of the project for a few years and dont remember needing a code when I first joined.

I decided to have a look as a new user mentioned it to when they were trying to start on the project.
3) Message boards : Projects : Enigma@Home Requires Invitation (Message 91574)
Posted 21 May 2019 by G_UK
So it appears that Enigma@Home now requires an invitation code for new users. Does anyone know if this invitation code has been published anywhere?

There is no mention of it on the Enigma site and I have not recieved a reply on the project forum either. I may be missing something obvious but if the code has not been published then the project is effectivly closed to new users.
4) Message boards : Projects : There are NO health/biology projects for Raspberri Pi systems (Message 90980)
Posted 9 Apr 2019 by G_UK
TN-Grid does genetic research and supports ArmHF and Arm64.

I am running 12 RPi3's with an Arm64 Kernel and Debian Buster (Headless accessed via SSH and a couple with GUI's via RDP), they are happily crunching this project along with Universe, Yoyo and DHEP.

With these Arm boards you have to also factor in purchase and power costs, at £30 and max of 10W (More like 5W with nothing plugged in, wired LAN and headless) they are still reasonably efficient. They have so many other uses as well that does not stress them that you can always run boinc in the background. I'm running NAS, DHCP, DNS, NTP and Web servers with mine along with a bunch of test stuff and they just stay on 24/7. Netbooted with ZRAM swap means no SD card required either.

A more modern board will be more powerful as the 3B was released back in 2012 (the 3B+ was a disappointment) but it's still pretty good as the Pine64 or ODroids can cost double and suck more power as well.

By the way comparing CPU and GPU compute is comparing Apples to Oranges.

Edit: Power Consumption
5) Message boards : Projects : DrugDiscovery@Home UnDead? (Message 79822)
Posted 28 Jul 2017 by G_UK
Looks like they have cut all ties with SONM after the recent controversy.

As they seem to have removed the previous posts from their site and people may wonder what had happened I have copied the statements below:

Originally Posted by krzyszp
Due to some fraud made by part of the team, Me and Goofyx decides to cancel our activity on this project and finish all cooperation with rest of the team.
So, apologise to all volunteers but we had lost half year of work here, and I'm afraid than you too


Originally Posted by krzyszp
We just get a news this morning, that we (me and Krzysztof), co-founders of DD@H and SONM.IO platforms was kicked out from SONM with breaking written and signed agreement, without any sensible explanation from our Russian colleagues...
In fact, we lost trust for their intentions as we (after few hours of very difficult discussions) found, that their just use our job to create scam project to collect money from investors.
Currently we discuss future steps what we should make.

So, as we wrote before, we have to apologise all of you and just finish work on this server and be in hope, that you will join us in eventual new project when the all mess finish...

Originally Posted by Andrew Voronkov
The problem is that DrugDiscovery@home and SONM project got so much interconnected that it became a pain to separate one from another. SONM had one core team and DrugDiscovery@home had another core team, but these teams were interacting and got conflict regarding project management and technology. I have signed an agreement, which separates one project from another and transfers my rights on SONM project to another team (under certain conditions, which are not disclosed yet). The job, which was done by Krzysztof Piszczek and Krzysztof Faryna is crucial for DrugDiscovery@home.
Nobody was cancelling our agreement with them regarding DrugDiscovery@home, which was signed and is still in force.
All my duties regarding DrugDiscovery@home and regarding shares of incomes, which Digital BioPharm ltd. will get from SONM are still in force.
I just renegotiated our agreement with CTO of SONM project, who now will lead SONM project. All situation is a very big pain for me as far as I feel somehow responsible for it, but I really have no ideal solution. Any assistance from community can be appreciated.

Originally Posted by Andrew Voronkov
THIS IS OFFICIAL STATEMENT FROM ANDREY VORONKOV, Lead of DrugDiscovery@home project and former lead of SONM project.

Dear Community members, project SONM was started by me and Sergey Ponomarev during summer 2016. The initial idea of the project was to build it on BOINC platform and develop P2P BOINC technology. Therefore Krzysztof Piszczek and Krzysztof Faryna were invited to make both DrugDiscovery@home and SONM project. DrugDiscovery@home was supposed to be a prototype for SONM project. However, during interaction of our lead developer Krzysztof Piszczek and SONM CTO Sergey Ponomarev different views on technology have started to arise. Sergey Ponomarev has decided to avoid BOINC usage further. As a CEO I tried to unite the team, rather than identify the issue as soon as possible. That was my mistake. Early stage separation of team into two could be a solution. This has led to current team separation. I am convinced that team of Sergey Ponomarev, Alexey Antonov and other team members (russian part basically) can make a successful ICO and a valuable decentralised general-purpose computing platform SONM. Therefore I have signed an agreement with them, which upgrade our technological map and invite new members in the SONM platform.
Project DrugDiscovery@home exists since 2009. Until now the team of Krzysztof Piszczek and Krzysztof Faryna were the best BOINC administrators team, which was managing the project. However, as a CEO I did a mistake and invited the same team into two different projects, which raised issues with another part of the team in the second project. The second project, where our colleagues from Poland were involved was SONM.
Krzysztof Piszczek and Krzysztof Faryna were mostly involved in DrugDiscovery@home project and therefore are very welcome to proceed with its development. All rights on scripts, related to DrugDiscovery@home project are transferred by Sergey Ponomarev to the project DrugDiscovery@home and its team (Krzysztof Piszczek and Krzysztof Faryna). I am ready and happy to ask Krzysztof Piszczek and Krzysztof Faryna to continue their work on DrugDiscovery@home and ready to transfer to them a leading role in DrugDiscovery@home project instead of me.
All efforts and suggestions from BOINC and Blockchain communities to unite the team and prevent destruction of the projects are welcome
6) Message boards : Projects : Projects dead? (Message 79821)
Posted 28 Jul 2017 by G_UK
As far as I am aware:

    CAS: Don't know, cant access website.

    DENIS: Have had server issues which they have wanted to rectify properly before they restart. Everything should be fixed soon.

    FIND: Have been taken over by GridRepublic which caused some contention. No recent news.

    MindModelling: Project is still active but there hasn't been any work recently, apparently there will be some more "soon"

    RNA World: Project is still active, they are currently working on a batch of "Monster" work units, which are taking the best part of a year to run. They are not sending any new work units out whilst these are run by their dedicated crunchers

    SAT: Appears to be dead

    Sztaki: Project is active but does not queue work, if you are a very lucky user you will get work units, once you hae completed some work units you are much more likely to get more. Most people only get a couple and then never get anymore.

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