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1) Message boards : Questions and problems : no WSL detected (Message 102010)
Posted 7 Dec 2020 by Vitalii Koshura
I see no picture on the link you mentioned. Could you please re-add it?
2) Message boards : BOINC client : BOINC is not working (Message 100652)
Posted 8 Sep 2020 by Vitalii Koshura
File will look like this:
3) Message boards : BOINC client : BOINC is not working (Message 100651)
Posted 8 Sep 2020 by Vitalii Koshura
Try to set <network_test_url>SOME_LOCAL_URL</network_test_url> in cc_config.xml file
4) Message boards : Projects : Acoustics (Message 91024)
Posted 10 Apr 2019 by Vitalii Koshura

I'm not from Acoustics@Home team. I just a member of some Russian-language forums where I got this information about issues with University Data Center.
So I understand you but personally I can do nothing in this situation, just keep you updated here.

5) Message boards : Projects : Acoustics (Message 90990)
Posted 9 Apr 2019 by Vitalii Koshura
There is some issues with University Data Center. Currently unknown how long it will take to restore availability of the server. No worries, no data was lost. Just server of this project and probably some others that are hosted in the same University Data Center.
Thank you for understanding
6) Message boards : Server programs : Help getting a new Boinc Server/Project (Message 89762)
Posted 23 Jan 2019 by Vitalii Koshura

I think this page will be a good start point:
7) Message boards : Android : Newest client; 7.14.1 (Message 89658)
Posted 17 Jan 2019 by Vitalii Koshura
Does this version work with BOINCTasks or are we still limited to NativeBOINC if we want to use BOINCTasks?

Situation is still the same: there is no support of remote monitoring for BOINC Android client. Please use this thread for further updates
8) Message boards : Projects : For the betterment of BOINC (Message 79705)
Posted 20 Jul 2017 by Vitalii Koshura
Hello Richard and Jord,

I am a contributor (not so active because of lack of time). I do this because I'm really interested in this project and the whole idea of volunteer contributions.

The main thing that I'd like to be changed is the overall development process. First of all it's very hard to understand the release process. There are 317 open issues. And as a developer how can I understand which issue I should fix first? Yes, I can fix any issue but how I can be sure that my fixes will be ever released? I had this situation: fixes I made about three years ago were merged into release branch in two years. I think such process will not involve new developers to contribute to this project. As a developer I want to know that my work is useful and will be not forgotten.
Also as a further growth of the BOINC I would like to see more supported platforms (PlayStation, XBox...).

Thank you

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