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1) Message boards : News : Welcome Ramanujan Machine (Message 106842)
Posted 21 Jan 2022 by Profile TankbusterGames
Super cool! It would be nice to tell the project admins that the project doesn't send the mail to restore your password.
Actually I'm not able to log in :(

Email failed
Can't send email to
2) Message boards : News : Myles Allen, CBE (Message 106680)
Posted 5 Jan 2022 by Profile TankbusterGames
Congratulations to Mr. Allen!
3) Message boards : Promotion : An idea for Boinc in the Anthropocene. (Message 106524)
Posted 26 Dec 2021 by Profile TankbusterGames
I think it's a bad idea. Regulators are not needed. Especially not to regulate MY CPU or GPU power consumption.

The Idea of BOINC is not to run 2 servers at home but to use it on some cores of your CPU while you are browsing the web or do whatever.
In general servers in a large datacenter will always be more efficient, BOINC tries to use computing power that is technically existing but not being utilized

And the whole point of BOINC is volunteer computing. This means anybody can set up a project and no governments should interfere with that.
If the government or any control entity would be able to prioritize projects, that would be a bad day for BOINC I think.
4) Message boards : The Lounge : BOINC-Chan (Message 106522)
Posted 25 Dec 2021 by Profile TankbusterGames
To celebrate Christmas, the new year and BOINC I teamed up with artist to bring you BOINC-Chan, the first official BOINC-Waifu :D

Here are some sketches of her fav hobbies:




and Space Exploration

Happy Christmas and keep crunching! :)
5) Message boards : The Lounge : Merry Christmas Everyone! (Message 106521)
Posted 25 Dec 2021 by Profile TankbusterGames
Merry Christmas! ^_^
6) Message boards : Projects : Need project with really long deadlines (Message 104541)
Posted 8 Jun 2021 by Profile TankbusterGames
Please read in the CPDN forums. You need to install certain packages for i386 architecture to compute those workunits ;)

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