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Posted 12 Mar 2010 by Profile john rasmussen
hi, i work with an independent musician and we're building his new website. we want to include ways for people to do good work, help 'save the world' in practical ways and not just, 'ride a bike', 'use recycled paper. all good, but we'd like to try more. thinking of ways for people to help from online,'green their screen' so to speak, and we thought letting people choose a boinc project(s) right from our website would be cool.
now, we know we can just give a link to the site, and not that we dont love the boinc project, but we need to do our best to keep our audience present while we have them and the limited attention spans when we get it.

so, having a little window with boinc logo with a drop down of projects to choose from, that would start the download and install while they were still there listening to the music player and loving the musician without being led away.

is this possible?

thanks all

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