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Posted 23 Feb 2010 by wazabanga1213
That study is so full of it.
The real and only reason for volunteering is the worshiping of computers but everyone is too embarrassed to admit it. The geeks love to see and feel the damn boxes working hard. If all the other crap like solidarity, noble causes and self-development were true then volunteers would be equally spread as occupational and school background not IT only. Also there would be 50-50 males to females not 87-13.
I'm so fed up with all this hypocrisy, for heaven's sake admit it: I'm a NERD and when I'm not playing Bioshock I like to know that the damn silicon won't have a break like me. Before discovering grid computing I forced my machines to run useless and demanding screen savers but now there's BOINC and that makes me feel less guilty.

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