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1) Message boards : The Lounge : Dangerous food (Message 31037)
Posted 15 Feb 2010 by Andrew Aitken
Interesting comment re the FDA...

""Unfortunately, the FDA is saddled with outdated laws, and lacks the authority, tools and resources to fight unsafe food."

Seems to me like they aren't able to fight unsafe medicines for exactly the same reason. This then begs the question...

What ARE they doing?
2) Message boards : Teams : Join Rational Atheists United For Science (Message 31036)
Posted 15 Feb 2010 by Andrew Aitken
Hi Dave, you can count me in! Just one thing - the web page I ended up on after clicking on your link, was all ummm, screwy...


Not sure if it is just a browser thing or not.
3) Message boards : News : Motivation study published (Message 31035)
Posted 15 Feb 2010 by Andrew Aitken
Hi David... this really is an eye-opening study into the motivating / demotivating factors behind (excuse the invented word here, but...) "cybervolunteerism".

With regard to (and I quote from the paper...)

They found that enjoyment–based intrinsic motivation — namely how creative a person feels when working on the project — is the strongest and most pervasive driver for volunteers developing F/OSS. They also found that F/OSS volunteers highly regard intellectual stimulation derived from writing code as well as the possibility to improve programming skills.

...I sometimes wonder whether or not those folk who fall into the "extrinsic" category could be harnessed into developing commercial applications for the software / code they write, in a way that doesn't conflict with the technology they've brought to these current non-profit projects?

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