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1) Message boards : Questions and problems : Windows 7 LCD not entering power saving with BOINC SS (Message 30290)
Posted 22 Dec 2009 by Daeloan
I also am seeing this problem. Running Windows 7 64 bit ultimate, with a nvidia gts 250 video card running drivers 186.18 and 19x (I was running the later 190 series drivers, but due to a serious issue with mouse lag I rolled back to the 186.16, but neither has had an effect on this problem).

I can provide whatever diagnostic information you wish. One thing I have noticed when watching it fail is that it follows this pattern:

1) System is idle for set amount of time and screensaver starts
2) Once the set amount of time for the blank screen occurs the screen goes blank for a second and then flashes to the desktop (as if I had hit the mouse or a key to break it out of the SS), and then goes back to the screensaves.

Step 2 happens every x minutes, where x is the value you use for the powersave on the monitor function (I played with it to see if different values make a difference).

I would be more then willing to run a debug version of the software if that would help isolate this on my machine, or provide any additional information you need to troubleshoot this further. Just shoot me an email at the email in my profile.

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