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Posted 14 Dec 2009 by zee
this is a pretty interesting thread. i just was actually looking for some help with this. i have boinc installed on pretty much every computer i run. one of them is a server that feeds a media center. the problem is that when seti is running it kicks up the core temp and the fans spin up to compensate, eventually reaching a pretty high pitched scream. as one can imagine, this is not desirable when one needs to hear audio.

so i'm looking for some way to throttle boinc on this one box simply so it makes less noise. unfortunately for me, and the direction of this thread, i swore i'd never touch another microsoft product as long as they continued to charge a premium for the rubbish they call code.

so has anyone any ideas on how to implement this on a *nix system?

[*nix: because rebooting is for adding new hardware.]

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