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1) Message boards : Questions and problems : WCG on M1 Mac Mini gets occasional computation errors (Message 104026)
Posted 20 Apr 2021 by Duane Williams
I run a couple of World Community Grid projects (Mapping Cancer Markers and OpenPandemics COVID 19) on two Mac Minis, one with an Intel CPU and one with Apple's new M1 SOC. Normally everything runs as expected, but the projects on the M1 Mac occasionally abort with computation errors, while the projects on the Intel Mac never do.

When the problem occurs, it often affects the whole list of tasks in my queue, which is somewhat surprising, since they are a mix of tasks from two projects. Usually, I just do "Retry pending transfers" to clear the Tasks window and get new tasks, which then typically run normally.

BOINC Manager version 7.16.12
macOS Big Sur version 11.2.3
WCG Mapping Cancer Markers 7.44
WCG OpenPandemics - COVID 19 7.17

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