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Posted 16 Feb 2013 by Profile rilian
site is not responding
2) Message boards : Projects : Is fully simultaneous BOINC possible? (Message 46173)
Posted 31 Oct 2012 by Profile rilian

something similar tries to achieve Volpex project, check out their site
3) Message boards : Documentation : Documentation for NCI applications (Message 45714)
Posted 19 Sep 2012 by Profile rilian
hi. OProject project needs configuration for NCI application

we have looked on these docs and but did not find the needed info...

There are the following tags in client_state.xml

Question: how these tags appear in client_state.xml and how to influence to contents of these tags by BOINC server configuration? For example, how to add the next tags:

and also

to a specific app version so these setting appear on user machines?

related topic on project site is please feel free to answer there as well!

thank you!

ps: would be nice to update documentation once this is resolved
4) Message boards : Promotion : BOINC survey. Why no WCG? (Message 30978)
Posted 11 Feb 2010 by Profile rilian
Well, you may add to survey page some input fields like "Credits", "RAC", "join date" etc for those project that have custom RPC, so you would not lose survey results of people who participate mainly in medical/biological projects...
5) Message boards : Promotion : BOINC survey. Why no WCG? (Message 30964)
Posted 11 Feb 2010 by Profile rilian

Why there is no World Community Grid in list?
6) Message boards : BOINC client : BOINC support for MAC OSX 10.6.0 Snow Leopard. It comes out Friday August 28th 2009. (Message 26939)
Posted 31 Aug 2009 by Profile rilian
MacOS X 10.6 and BOINC 6.10.2 (

Installer hangs on "Preparing BOINC manager" screen. Nothing happens for several minutes

when trying to close it says "Installer is busy, window cant be closed"

only sudo kill -9 helps

ps: 6.6.x works/installing fine

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