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Posted 8 Aug 2009 by procyon

Hi !

It's a good idea to give ideas for Manager GUI :

- Left column is often not wide enough (still in 6.6.36 in French) the right round border of the buttons is not visible neither is the right border of the outer box. Its gets nastier when more buttons appear and the dreaded inside slider appears :-( But then, when less buttons are in the way, the display is nicer.

- International strings are not well printed. For example today we are Sam 8 aou√a 16:54:59 2009 on all the logs instead of Sam 8 août 16:54:59 2009. The year is pretty useless in all the lines of the log too. Maybe for project due date it's useful, but not everywhere.

- In advanced view removing column could be interesting. Work Load name is not very helpful. I think some don't care application name. Einstein@Home is more informative than "Hierachical S5 all-sky GW search #5 5.01". Drawback for World Community Grid you can't know wheter you "Help Conquer Cancer" or "Fight aids".

- Project and Tasks could be merged. It could be a hierachical view. You could show/hide the details of each project like on the finder when dealing with folder (project) and file (task)

- I don't know if the fact that benchmark are redone every time you change your number of CPU is Manager's fault or the underlying core's but if I bench a 4-core, when I want to work with 2 they're still as powerful. And when I get back to 4, I did not change them. It seems useless useless to redo thoses benches when my computer has not been restarted. I don't know a computer where you can swap CPU when it's still on.

- Growl support would be nice. Notification for background useful message (Workload fifo empty, result sent, ...)

- Simplified view is still too large. It could be as simple as a bargraph for each task (with play / pause symbol and the project logo for each)

- There's still no notification of upgrade. I upgraded today to 6,6,36 from 10 June 2009 and I was using 6.6.20. Never got a notification, even when I was using version with second digit difference (maybe 6.4 vs 6.6) ....

- The scheduler was in 6.6.20 still not very deadline friendly. It could suspend a WL with 5 minutes left to finish and whose deadline is very close, for a WL with a due date one week later. Then again it maybe has nothing to do with the "manager".

We're crossing our fingers for a nicer GUI :-)

Keep the good work going ...

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