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1) Message boards : Questions and problems : Task Progress Percentage Going Down (Message 72191)
Posted 3 Sep 2016 by Walter Kraslawsky
I'm curious why my progress percentages are going down. When I came home for lunch my progress was at 85% then when I got home this evening it was at 50% then just in the few minutes I've been here it dropped to 49%

Anybody know why?

I am betting you are seeing relatively rapid turnover of active tasks, possibly switching between multiple projects.

Open your BOINC Manager, and on the View tab choose "Advanced View" if not already there. Select the "Tasks" tab if not already there. Then toggle to "Show active tasks" if not already there.

Click on the "Progress" column header to sort by percent progress. Unless you have a very old computer, there will be more than one task active. Depending on your options the tasks will either be Suspended or Running. If Suspended, temporarily change your options so they stay running long enough to watch the increasing progress for each task.

Let us know if any one of your tasks in the list is clearly running backwards

Edit: PS Multiple tasks will progress at different rates, with tasks assigned to a GPU progressing the fastest.
2) Message boards : Questions and problems : Automatic Temperature regulation (Message 72190)
Posted 3 Sep 2016 by Walter Kraslawsky
I was looking for discussions on throttling cpu% because of heat problems and found your thread. It's nice to see that you have something useful. I might try your software on two PCs, but am focusing my attention on my much faster iMac since that is where I have the heat issue. That being said, I'm still chiming in here because I have some observations that might be useful. I am pretty sure any PC user will see the same if they have an Intel cpu.

I joined BOINC a few days ago and an hour after starting SETI@home I discovered my iMac was blasting hot air. I quickly located the BOINC cpu% setting and kicked it down to 50%, but that was also running uncomfortably hot, so I went to 25%.

Then I found TG Pro (a temperature gauge product that works for Macs). It showed me that when BOINC is set to throttle to something less than 100% (e.g. 25%), with 1 second snapshots, my four i7 cores would simultaneously cycle up to the redline max 212F, then down to green 150F, then up to 212F, then down to 150F, over and over and over. This on-off duty cycle corresponding to the selected cpu%; i.e. all four cpu cores quickly pinned to the redline 25% of the time and then very quickly cooled to green 75% of the time. TG Pro also showed that the fan speed shifted much more moderately, wandering up and down in the green zone (0% to 50% of max fan speed) at the 25% cpu BOINC setting, but would slide up and down between yellow (50%-75%) and red (75%-100%) at the 50% cpu BOINC setting. Obviously running 100% cpu also pinned the fan at 100% max speed.

The bottom line is that I found random snapshots of CPU temperature were useless to me for picking the BOINC setting. I had to use the fan speed instead (as well as just deciding what level of heat output worked for me). I don't know how other products work, but look forward to any product that can report a moving average of cpu temperature and fan speed, letting the user choose the average smoothing interval.

Edit: PS if anybody knows the BOINC on+off duty cycle, then let me know. I assume that would be the best smoothing interval.

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