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1) Message boards : BOINC Manager : Work Scheduler inconsistency/bug? (Message 1786)
Posted 11 Dec 2005 by Cruncher

* LHC has never done work so why is its LTD -10,000?

Hm, now that you mention it - good question :-)
Could it be that debts are distributed only to non-suspended projects (and at some point LHC was suspended)?

I don't suppose it's possible you have the EAH/LHC LTDs listed in reverse??

No, I got the values using the BoincDV tool which is mentioned somewhere in the forum (google will find it).

EDIT: Oh, by the way, currently my Boinc *is* contacting LHC regularly. Maybe because there no longer is a stuck SETI WU download in the queue. But the LHC LTD is still negative.

2) Message boards : BOINC Manager : SETI is less stressful than Einstein! (Message 1711)
Posted 9 Dec 2005 by Cruncher

I thought that was funny: according to my CPU temperature history, it's definitely under less stress when doing SETI work (52 deg C) than during an Einstein interval (54 deg C), although both are using 100% of the CPU.

Has anybody else noticed this? Is there some information about this? Does anybody care? ;-)

My CPU probably has more fun to do SETI work, so it is more relaxed... :-O
3) Message boards : BOINC Manager : Work Scheduler inconsistency/bug? (Message 1682)
Posted 8 Dec 2005 by Cruncher
OK, here is my current project configuration:
- SETI (suspended, due to server problems)
- Einstein (now happily working)
- LHC (currently no work on server)

I just recently started on BOINC, so
- SETI finished 2 results (couldn't be send yet)
- Einstein finished 1 result, working on 2nd
- LHC never did any computation

Now here is the problem:
I do want to have LHC check the server periodically for new work, since it seems that every few days or so there *do* happen to become new workunits available.
However, BOINC doesn't check the LHC server for updates, and even a manual update only produces:

LHC@home 08.12.05 11:28:11 Note: not requesting new work or reporting results

Only when I also suspend Einstein, and LHC is the only remaining active project, BOINC is contacting the server every minute and correctly receives:

LHC@home 08.12.05 12:15:13 No work from project

Additional info:
- There is currently one SETI WU download stuck in the queue
- The current Long Term Debts are:
- SETI: approx. +40000
- Einstein: approx. -30000
- LHC: approx. -10000

My guess would be that LHC will stay dormant because its LTD is negative? If that is the case, this is definitely a bug, since LHC should become top priority once SETI is suspended.

Thanks for any insights,
4) Message boards : BOINC Manager : no automatic work downloading (Message 1676)
Posted 8 Dec 2005 by Cruncher
Hi Bill.

By now I realized tha I am probably one of a hundred that posted this problem ;-) so thanks for your reply!
It did answer my question, and I'll now try the 0.5 days setting.

For the others: Here is probably the most important thread concerning the problem I mentioned:
5) Message boards : BOINC Manager : no automatic work downloading (Message 1674)
Posted 8 Dec 2005 by Cruncher

Since the SETI server problems I started on both Einstein and LHC.
LHC doesn't seem to have any work currently, so I suspended that project for the time being.
Einstein seemed to work fine, but after submitting my first result, it did not download new work.
After a while I realized that the manager might think that Seti has now absolute high priority, so I tried suspending Seti - and Einstein did request new work again.
But since the CPU was idle since the Seti server is swamped, my PC was doing nothing with both projects active. So this behavior of the manager should probably be considered a bug.
Am I correct, or is there another reason for this behaviour?

Additional info:
- BOINC 5.2.13, Win98SE
- There is a SETI download request in progress. Is this what's confusing the manager?
- Resource share Seti:Einstein:LHC is 100:100:100

Is there a fix for this?


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