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Posted 20 Jun 2009 by MikeJ
Thanks I will add this one to the 85C list, so others don't have the same problem.
The new version will have an emergency throttle that start throttling all running programs when the normal throttling doesn't help enough.

That sounds like it should do the job!
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Posted 20 Jun 2009 by MikeJ
TThrottle is limited to 5%, otherwise programs may freeze and even crash.
The 1.60 does have a small bug, that will be corrected in 1.62 that will come out this week. It doesn't throttle back far enough.

That makes sense. Even when my core temperatures were above my set temperature, TThrottle could not back the number crunching off enough to allow the processor to cool. I had to manually suspend BOINC to allow the processors to cool.

Some processors are off. That's why there is a correction option in the expert tab. Normal Junction temperatures are 100C or 85C.
But I need more log reports from users, so if you can send me yours with the temperature you thing it should be. There is very little documentation about this from Intel or AMD. So seeing is knowing.... thats the only way.

I just set my "normal junction temperature" to 85°C and the temperatures now being reported are exactly in alignment with those of Core Temp. Since I have no idea what a "normal junction temperature" is, my opinion on what I think it should be probably would not be terribly useful. :-)

TThrottle does it exactly the same way as CoreTemp so try setting the Tjunction to 85C and send me the log.
And I wouldn't go as far as darn accurate, it mostly seems to be accurate. But on some processors it may be off be a lot.

After resetting my normal junction temperature to 85°C I immediately sent you my log in a personal message on this forum. Please let me know if you would like me to send it to you some other way. Also, please let me know if I misunderstood your log request and you wanted me to actually let the program run for a while at the new setting before sending you the log. I am happy to send it to you again at some other point in the future. Actually, I can send it to you regularly if that would help as well.

I'm happy to do what small part I can in helping to improve this fabulous piece of software!
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Posted 18 Jun 2009 by MikeJ
I just downloaded version 1.60 a week or so ago and wanted to put a couple of comments here. First off, great program, it really does seem to do its job quite well (with a couple exceptions noted below):

On the Programs tab, setting the "Min Cpu %" to less than 5% has no effect. Even when the temperatures are still above your threshold amount, TThrottle will not throttle back any lower than 5%. Perhaps this is as intended, but I wasn't able to find any such indication that it was intended in the documentation.

The temperature that is being reported from my CPU cores seem to be off by a considerable amount (15°C to 20°C). I actually noticed this by accident. I installed TThrottle and immediately noticed that when BOINC was running at 100% I had temperatures being reported in TThrottle at about 77°C to 78°C. Much too warm!

After opening up my case and doing a thorough cleanout of the fan and all of the cooling elements, I was able to drop those temperatures about 10°C. Better, but still not what I wanted to see.

The next step was to see if I could get the CPU fan in my Dell OptiPlex 745 to speed up a little bit, rather than stay at its lowest speed which is all it has ever done regardless of the temperature inside the case.

So I installed Speed Fan. I was hoping this little program would allow me to increase the fan speed on the CPU and give me some add additional cooling. Unfortunately, it is unable to control the fan on my motherboard. All was not lost, however, because another thing that Speed Fan does is report the core temperatures of the CPU. The odd thing was that the temperatures that Speed Fan was reporting were 15°C or more LOWER than what TThrottle was reporting!

I didn't really think too much of this, because I figured that two different applications could simply process the temperature sensor signals differently and simply not agree on what temperatures were being reported. Furthermore, the instructions with Speed Fan indicate that you could adjust any of the settings being reported by Speed Fan if needed, so this indicated that there was probably some room for inaccuracy with respect to Speed fan at the least.

Nonetheless, I decided to see if there was another application I could install which would report the CPU core temperatures, to kind of break the tie so to speak. So I went out and downloaded CoreTemp. The temperatures being reported by CoreTemp completely agree with the temperatures being reported by Speed Fan. The documentation that comes along with CoreTemp also seems to indicate that it is taking the temperatures directly off the digital sensor on the core themselves, not the computer case, so it should be pretty darn accurate.

Am I the only one experiencing this?

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