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Posted 2 Dec 2011 by Ludo
These guys must be doing something right, they are already over 3 TeraFLOPS on around 1000 hosts. And, no GPU.

I just added four hosts.

FYI: GIMP stat for the last 24 hours: 8487 computers active for 74.993 Tera flops.
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Posted 2 Dec 2011 by Ludo
I really do not understand the existence of this project.

The search of Mersenne Prime is already done by the GIMP project since 1999 here GIMP. But it's not a BOINC project.

The project has already found the 47th Mersenne prime number (2p-1 with p > 43 million) and it's currently running p > 54 million.

When you ask Mersenne@home about GIMP, he doesn't know about the project !!!

Mersenne@home is not a wrapper for GIMP.

What the goal of the project? Re-find the first 47th mersenne prime?
On which range the project is currently running?
No answers yet.
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Posted 17 Jun 2009 by Ludo

I saw various threads about BOINC supporting NVdia (with CUDA) but not ATI.

As both NVidia and ATI now support OpenCL and have OpenCL driver (and sdk) it will not be better to support only OpenCL (and remove CUDA)?

The main advantage will be to have one code for both ATI and NVidia.

Bad idea?


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