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Posted 5 Dec 2016 by Profile Matt
At the level of technical logistics there have been some changes at the project, but I don’t think there have been any changes with respect to the concerns expressed here in this thread.

Maybe by way of preliminaries, it’d be useful to clarify some of the participants:

  • FightNeglectedDiseases@home, aka Find@home, is a BOINC project (*the project was formerly named Fight Malaria at Home, aka FMaH; but changed names a while back, in 2014 I think.)

  • GridRepublic is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We’ve been contributors to the BOINC platform and community for more than a decade. We provide means to make it easier for volunteers to discover and participate in BOINC projects; and we provide back-end infrastructure and services to projects like, Progress Thru Processors and Charity Engine.

  • Charity Engine is a for-profit company. The business model is to run commercial work as a means to generate revenue for “physical” charities (and regular prize draws).

Now a little background on recent events at the project:

  • A while back, Charity Engine donated many millions of hours of compute time to FiND@home. Nothing was paid for this; and nothing was asked in return. (Similar support has been provided to Rosetta@home, Einstein@home, and

  • Please note that no Charity Engine work has ever run on FiND/FMaH hosts (*nor Rosetta, Einstein, or MalariaControl), and never will.

  • More recently, FiND@home was facing difficulties due to lack of funding. We at GridRepublic offered to support the project, which we think has great potential. So we’ve moved parts of the backend to our systems.

Current work and moving forward:

  • The batch of work run previously at FiND/FMaH was only a subset of the available Malaria data — e.g. only a fraction of the compounds, and a fraction of the relevant biology. We aspire to run a much more complete set of data, which will be more than 1 billion jobs. Same application, same process; and data is to be published. Ie: the same project but at a much larger scale. (*So far, we’ve just re-run some old data, investigating setup issues.)

  • Charity Engine will start running this new batch of work as well. (*Because we’re running the application in both environments, FiND and CE, we used the appname CE12 instead of the name previously used by FiND/FMaH; apologies for any confusion on this point.)

  • Additionally, we aspire to undertake other drug discovery projects in the future. As a rule in these endeavors, any new research areas to be run on FiND/FMaH hosts (ex. other neglected diseases) will be announced in forums, and results will be published.

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