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1) Message boards : BOINC client : 7.16.5 screen saver goes blank after working for a while (Message 97642)
Posted 14 Apr 2020 by phirewhl
At first noticed seti was saying "no tasks running" and realized they had stopped sending. So added science united and "no tasks" for other projects like einstein, rosetta, etc... But these were producing notices that i soon realized were having storage issues (i was on C:drive running 7.14.2) so I uninstalled and re-installed 7.14.2 after moving boinc dir to the E:drive. Then tasks started running again for these other project (PS: i suspended seti for the time being but noticed resource share still had a percentage dedicated to it?). But the boinc screen saver kept saying no tasks running - computing suspended while computer not in use (odd msg) & after a while just hour glassing a win10 circular animation. Then i noticed an upgrade avail and figured to try it - (was already running virtual box with 7.14.2) - so upgraded to 7.16.5 w/vir-box. Now the screen saver actually shows some project animations (mostly rosetta & einstein) but after a while (10-15 mins or so), after transition to boinc status page, it returns to a blank page and just stays that way for the rest of the entire time screen saver is on - not even the hour glass animation anymore. I suspect whatever underlying issue was causing this in 14.2 is also still present in 16.5. Have no use set to 11 mins and screen saver set to 12 mins. Has anyone seen this issue too, before or can help?
win10 1909 lenovo h50-50 Have been running seti with no screen saver issue for long time until it stopped recently.
saver sets = blank never, run boinc 1 min, run project 5 min, switch project 1 min. Never changed settings for years and seti screen always worked fine (didn't run other projects until seti stopped and tried to add others). TIA
2) Message boards : Questions and problems : boinc crashes and drags down my PC... (Message 24798)
Posted 8 May 2009 by phirewhl
seti, einstein, LHC, wcg

PS - correction, there are upwards of 300,000+ of these empty files in the dir
3) Message boards : Questions and problems : boinc crashes and drags down my PC... (Message 24790)
Posted 8 May 2009 by phirewhl
hello, I've been running boinc forever without any problems. This past year I've run into a situation where boinc does a denial of service type attack on the allusers/apps/boinc directory by placing approx 65 thousand 0-byte files in the directory for no apparent reason (all named http_temp_x, x=1..65535). I read in these forums someone who wrote that this situation can be caused by setting custom graphics settings in the seti preferences web page which I had done. I reversed those changes back to standard settings and boinc did it again. Was running 647 but just upped it to 6620 to see if any improvement. Anyone else experiencing this? Can anyone help me resolve this? It takes many hours to delete these files once the directory get's filled up with them. It also tends to bog down the entire computer and causes boinc to fail to connect to client. Thanks...

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