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Posted 2 Jun 2009 by BrotherBard
It may be bad timing (due the to the recent negative comments about the menubar icon) but I have written a 3-rd party manager for BOINC called BOINCMenubar 2. It gives you a overview of the computers running BOINC and allows you to manage them.

It requires Leopard and that you have installed BOINC first. Also it currently cannot run BOINC, so you need to run BOINC Manager, BOINC from the command line, or BOINC as a daemon.

It will post Growl messages for certain events and has a Mac native interface for preferences and attaching to projects. And if you have multiple computers running BOINC (they don't have to be Macs) you can store the GUI RPC passwords to each one in Apple's Keychain and switch between them by selecting one from a menu.

It is not complete and I'm calling it Beta (there are bound to be bugs in it). But if you are interested please check it out and send me some feedback.


p.s. the icon is grayscale :)

2) Message boards : BOINC Manager : Wishlist for Mac (Message 25047)
Posted 26 May 2009 by BrotherBard
2. BOINC shouldn't need to run with both a dock icon and a menubar icon. I'd be just as glad if it didn't clutter up my desktop with either of these. Accessing it through the screensaver panel or its own preference panel would be fine with me.

You can run the command line version, then you won't have any GUI interface to deal with.


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