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Posted 16 Oct 2010 by Phil
Hardware Problem

Dear participants of the RCN project,

the RCN server is currently down because of a hardware problem related to the RAID. We are currently working on fixing the problem, and the server will be up again as soon as we are done.

Thank you for your patience.
The RCN team.
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Posted 2 Jul 2010 by Phil
SETI@Home successfully came up Friday Morning pacific time and is dishing out work again.
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Posted 21 Apr 2010 by Phil
I'm winning
4) Message boards : Questions and problems : BOINC Manager "invisible", Ubuntu 64bit (Message 27113)
Posted 6 Sep 2009 by Phil
Does anyone know if Jaunty-64bit is working correctly now or is it still throwing up segfaults in about 5% SETIs and Einsteins?
5) Message boards : Projects : News on project outages. (Message 26631)
Posted 16 Aug 2009 by Phil

So are these sparse and vague little messages on the root index page, days apart, the best they can do?

Well lets see, its a weekend and instead of doing family stuff they have to spend it in the lab sending out for sandwiches and pizza. And they should sit composing polished HTML as well?

But there are folks out here who also take a great interest in the projects - and to have so little information about what is going on just kinda sucks...

I remember a lot of moaning at SETI@HOME which prompted this reply:

Matt Lebofsky wrote:

Matt Lebofsky
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More options Jan 25 2001, 12:52 am

3.03 sucks so much because we cleaned up a bunch of sucking code in this version. We found several cases existed in 3.0 where the clients could process entire workunits without ever touching the suck functions. This was an undetected conflict between the science and suck code, and has been fixed in 3.03.
Now we are efficiently maximizing both science and sucking.
You are able to use 3.0 during random phases when I don't have mandatory upgrade messages turned on. I turn these on whenever I feel like it, and turn them off when 3.0 clients in tight loops load down our server. As of time of writing, you cannot download workunits with 3.0, but you may be able to later. Within a week, no matter what, 3.0 will be dead in the water. We can only accept results from suckless clients for so long.

- Matt - SETI@home

6) Message boards : Projects : News on project outages. (Message 26269)
Posted 26 Jul 2009 by Phil
Does anyone know if rosetta@home's having problems? Theres loads of work on the site but problems getting any.
7) Message boards : Questions and problems : BOINC 6.6.20 released for Windows, Windows x64, Linux, Linux x64 and MacOS X (Message 24775)
Posted 7 May 2009 by Phil
Jim I assume you applied the Win7 after BOINC was installed, and this is the result!
We have to dump it complete and start over - particularly as your computer hadnt been returning results correctly under Vista either.
8) Message boards : Questions and problems : BOINC 6.6.20 released for Windows, Windows x64, Linux, Linux x64 and MacOS X (Message 24770)
Posted 7 May 2009 by Phil
Someone showed me this Windows 7 today...
Will it work if he reinstalls it with the non-user config?

5/7/2009 8:07:20 AM Starting BOINC client version 6.6.20 for windows_x86_64
5/7/2009 8:07:20 AM log flags: task, file_xfer, sched_ops
5/7/2009 8:07:20 AM Libraries: libcurl/7.19.4 OpenSSL/0.9.8j zlib/1.2.3
5/7/2009 8:07:20 AM Data directory: C:\Windows\SysWOW64
5/7/2009 8:07:20 AM Running under account Jim
5/7/2009 8:07:20 AM Processor: 2 AuthenticAMD AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4200+ [AMD64 Family 15 Model 75 Stepping 2]
5/7/2009 8:07:20 AM Processor features: fpu tsc pae nx sse sse2 pni
5/7/2009 8:07:20 AM OS: Microsoft Windows 7: x64 Editon, (06.01.7000.00)
5/7/2009 8:07:20 AM Memory: 1.94 GB physical, 4.16 GB virtual
5/7/2009 8:07:20 AM Disk: 224.07 GB total, 79.05 GB free
5/7/2009 8:07:20 AM Local time is UTC -7 hours
5/7/2009 8:07:20 AM No CUDA devices found
5/7/2009 8:07:20 AM No coprocessors
5/7/2009 8:07:20 AM Not using a proxy
5/7/2009 8:07:34 AM [error] Can't open client_state_next.xml: fopen() failed
5/7/2009 8:07:34 AM Couldn't write state file
5/7/2009 8:07:34 AM Make sure directory permissions are set correctly
5/7/2009 8:07:34 AM SETI@home URL:; Computer ID: 4904574; location: (none); project prefs: default
5/7/2009 8:07:34 AM No general preferences found - using BOINC defaults
5/7/2009 8:07:34 AM Preferences limit memory usage when active to 990.88MB
5/7/2009 8:07:34 AM Preferences limit memory usage when idle to 1783.58MB
5/7/2009 8:07:34 AM Preferences limit disk usage to 10.00GB
5/7/2009 8:08:11 AM Can't write state file, exiting in 10 seconds

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