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Posted 4 Feb 2009 by david johnson
Thanks for the info. I reviewed the faq and wiki on credits but I feel like I am still missing something that would prevent credits from being used as a promotional device. The only thing I would see that could speak against it would be that it would encourage people to get credits rather than having the accurate computation of work units be the goal and this could create a conflict of interest were someone could take it upon themselves to try and cheat or hijack computers on the internet as you mentioned.

I don't think that a browser game would inspire any of this activity since it would just be a way for people that are in to games to have a way of, in the words of the faq, "brag with and show off how good your computer is". As far as the cheating by adding BOINC to new computers and your boss' computers, I think that would be great and serve the mission of BOINC. I guess I am saying that not everything that is fun has to take skill it just has to be engaging to those that are interested.
2) Message boards : Promotion : BOINC API that uses credits in a game format (Message 22880)
Posted 4 Feb 2009 by david johnson
First post, I am not even up and running my client yet because I just found out about it today at work, will install at home; Very excited.

I am not much of a programmer so what I propose is over my head but I think it would be very fun and engaging if there were an API that allowed a user to create a separate account that used accumulated credits to buy equipment/upgrades for an avatar that could then be used in a weighted dice rolling game such as bite fight or BOTS II (I think most users here would agree that the latter is a better model given the computerized nature of the project) albeit much simpler. Maybe this is not the kind of suggestions you are looking for but I think it would be a great way to market this to gamers who are one of the best candidates to have high powered computers that they aren't using when they are at school or work.

Also, there is a chance that I don't understand how the API credit statistic websites would work or if there is any purpose for the credits other than tracking user contributions.

I would love to hear your comments.

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