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Posted 3 Aug 2021 by Stiwi
Numberfields has also published their code:

There is alredy (on sourceforge).
I'll change the link

Oh no, NFS and Numberfields are different projects!
Now you postet the link under nfs@home. Numberfields@home is not on your list
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Posted 22 Jul 2021 by Stiwi
I was wondering which BOINC projects are open-source? Thanks

This is a list of open souce projects

Numberfields has also published their code:
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Posted 12 Jul 2020 by Stiwi
In January 2006 we launched an initial release BOINC client which we alpha tested in a small group, but we ran into some significant issues with the client. In April we updated much of the code, but we had to deal with a staff turnover in the BOINC part of the development team, which slowed development. As of June 2006 we are putting this platform on hold, as until such time as our staffing situation changes, and the incompatibilities on both sides are resolved, further development has been shelved.
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Posted 13 Apr 2020 by Stiwi
A list of the projects we're aware of is here.
Folding@Home is pushing a lot of COVID-19 work now if you can get it. Their servers are overwhelmed by all the compute power that's come online in the last few days. That's causing problems both getting and returning work, at least for GPU clients. Work assignment is also buggy, the client can get hung on a server that's not responding or issuing work and won't move on to another. I've set up exclusions in BOINC so that if my machine can't get FAH work, BOINC will resume. If you can put up with these quirks the work has run without any problems for me.

Another non Boinc App which startet a COVID-19 reasearch is DreamLab its available for Android and IOS
5) Message boards : Android : Problem building boinc for Android (Message 69117)
Posted 23 Apr 2016 by Stiwi
I tried to build boinc for Android but it didn't work.

I used the instructions from

but I get this error on

checking for the version of libcurl... 7.35.0
checking for libcurl >= version 7.17.1... yes
checking whether libcurl is usable... no
configure: error:
ERROR: could not find (recent enough) development-libs for libcurl.

This library is required to build the boinc-client.
(If you don't want to build the client, use --disable-client with configure.

If libcurl-dev is installed on your system, make sure that the script
'curl-config' is found in your PATH, and that
'curl-config --version' gives something recent enough (see above).

You can download libcurl from:


Maybe you can say me what I am doing wrong

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