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Posted 25 Nov 2020 by jmbailey2000
All of a sudden in the last couple of weeks, Amicable Numbers has started causing problems with certain work units. The estimated completion time is 3 hours, but after running for 4, 6, 10 hours, the estimated completion time is now days or months with barely 1% completed. It only seems to be AN units for "up to 10^21 3.03 (mt). Other units seems to work fine. The worst one ran for 4 hours, went from 3 hours to complete to 7880days to complete with a .002% completed.

Anyone know what might be going on? Can't find anything about people having this issue, nothing has changed on my BOINC settings and I was throwing 3 CPUs at it.

(Note: tried to post over at the AN site, but can't create an account because the reCaptcha stuff isn't working).

Thanks in advance!!![/img]

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