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Posted 4 Feb 2016 by David "caminante-solitario"
For thousands of years, or even more, mankind have wondered what is the world, how is world, and why is of this way, what is the life, and what is the meaning of the existence of everything, including humans themselves. For thousands of years, or even more, mankind has tried to answer these questions through an awakening of spiritual consciousness and transcendent that has led to the formation of the great religions and sects that have occurred throughout history until today. From the religions has come out somehow philosophy. From the philosophy has come out the science. From the sciencia has come out the technology. And perhaps it's time to use the power of this technology, as is the case of electronic applied to the telecommunications and the informatics for to search for transcendence; that it contributed to the beginning of everything. ┬┐Do you think it might be interesting to start a research project with analysis of scientific data, and philosophical and religious knowledge to prove if is posible the existence whether or not a power, a force, a entity, or a being spiritual and trascendent who has created the universe and everything that are in this? Do you believe that can be interesting to initiate a research project with BOINC for to demonstrate the existence of God; or what is the real origin, nature, destiny and sense of everything?

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