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1) Message boards : Projects : domain temporarily down (Message 80303)
Posted 18 Aug 2017 by marius
We're back now, see
2) Message boards : Projects : domain temporarily down (Message 80229)
Posted 16 Aug 2017 by marius
Since the Cosmology@Home website is currently down so I can't alert users via that route, I thought I would post this update here as its own thread. Please see which I reproduce below:

Hi folks. Due to a mix-up related to having moved servers from one university to another earlier this year, we failed to properly renew the domain, which expired today. We are in the process of seeing what can be done to fix this. Until then, you can access the website at the temporary URL you are currently at,, and I will post the latest news on the situation here. We apologize for this downtime.
3) Message boards : Projects : New Cosmology@Home app for analyzing Planck satelitte data (Message 67806)
Posted 16 Feb 2016 by marius
Hi all, we just made this post which describes the science we're doing with a new app to help analyze data from the Planck satellite.

One of the things we've been working on at C@H a lot lately is upgrading our system to allow us to use our resources more effectively (if you're interested, the key is this software called Docker). The bottom line is because we can go so quickly from developing an app to running it on BOINC, we can do cutting edge "mission critical" work on BOINC in a way that wasn't possible before. This app certainly fits that bill, these particular results are going to be used in a paper coming out from our group shortly. As an incentive to participate, we're giving thanks to the top three users and top team in the paper.

Check it out and let me know if you have other questions!
4) Message boards : Projects : Creating a preconfigured BOINC server in the Amazon cloud in five minutes (Message 65558)
Posted 23 Nov 2015 by marius
We need beta testers to try out these new instructions for creating a preconfigured BOINC server in the Amazon cloud in five minutes.

Cool idea, I will try to take a look.

Just to mention since its related, but I built a Docker application which runs a BOINC server (see here). This is in fact how we currently run Cosmology@Home. It's in the category of "making running a server easier", and also you can run Docker on AWS, so in fact its doubly related!

A quick glance looks like what you've done is based on a VM. Would you be interested in collaborating to make it use Docker instead? Then setting up the server can happen in 5 min on the cloud or on a local computer, or even go from one to the other.
5) Message boards : Projects : OSX/Virtualbox beta testers needed for Cosmology@Home (Message 64876)
Posted 13 Oct 2015 by marius
Hi all, project developer at Cosmology@Home here. We're launching a major update soon which we've been beta testing over at One of the things this update adds is support for OSX, and we could use more beta testers for this. If you'd be willing to participate, checkout this thread or just point your client to the url above. You will need a 64bit processor and Virtualbox installed. Any credits you gain on the beta server will transfer over once we upgrade the real thing. Thanks for your help!

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