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1) Message boards : Questions and problems : How do i get Boinc to suspend or quit when computer goes onto UPS (Message 48551)
Posted 7 Apr 2013 by Mike W
When the power goes out and my computer goes onto the uninterruptable power supply i have, i might not be there, and boinc will be running. when tasks are running the power consumption of my pc doubles and i'm afraid that the ups will not have enough time to shut it down properly.

i have the "run on batteries' unchecked in the preferences, but when i tested it, it had no effect.

is there a way to get boinc to suspend or quit when the computer goes onto ups power?

i am using a Cyberpower ups if that matters?

2) Message boards : Questions and problems : Large team deleted - impossible? (Message 31543)
Posted 11 Mar 2010 by Mike W
Will LHC@home be restored? , RDFRS vanished from there as well,
there is a new team called "The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science (Official)"

but that is no good, because the name must remain consistent among all projects.
and all other projects are using "Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science"
3) Message boards : News : Version 6.10 of the BOINC client software has been released for general use (Message 31151)
Posted 22 Feb 2010 by Mike W
for some reason 6.10.18 doesnt show the "resource share" in the 'projects' tab
4) Message boards : Questions and problems : Question about RAM (Message 28043)
Posted 16 Oct 2009 by Mike W
Hey i have 3 computers that are purely Boinc machines.

they each have 512mb of ram 2x256 ddr,
they are all running in dual channel mode obviously.

i have 3 more sticks of 512, but if i add them i will gain 50% more ram in all three computers but lose the dual channel feature.

is it worth it?
5) Message boards : Questions and problems : 6.6.38 problems (Message 27825)
Posted 7 Oct 2009 by Mike W
I am having this problem as well, i have several completed lattice projects, and i dont want to have to delete them.

where can i find a previous version of boinc to re-download,

or when do you think the problem will be fixed?
6) Message boards : BOINC Manager : BOINC Manager Won't Connect to Localhost (Message 27784)
Posted 5 Oct 2009 by Mike W
I think the problem was with the attached Lattice Project...they had some WUs that were generating errors.

After I manually deleted all the WU data for the project, and restarted the BOINC Manager, Boinc.exe started up and nestat shows it sitting on TCP port 31416. I also reset the project and for now, things appear to be stable.


I had the same problem, your solution seems to be working,
i hope i don't lose the tasks i had finished for lattice, they used a lot of time
7) Message boards : Questions and problems : huge negative credit, never happened before, didn't touch anything??? (Message 21602)
Posted 1 Dec 2008 by Mike W
I Checked my stats today and found that 2 of my boinc machines ha large negative credits, the machine stats themselfs do not show it,
but boincstats does, i havnt touched anything, and they have been running fine for a while now,

my boinc id is m-man

i have 4 main machines running

what gives?
how can i fix it?

this has never happened before,

also, i am running

Mind modeling

as my projects
and i just noticed this on my hosts page,

i dont know why there are all these computers on here, and i dont know what is with all the negative credit???

the computers i have are a
3.0 P D
2.8 P4
2.7 C
2.93 C

i used to have the amd, but its gone now
8) Message boards : Questions and problems : couple questions? (Message 21321)
Posted 18 Nov 2008 by Mike W
so, credit is more based on how much time you are running projects, and less on how much results your actually making?

that is to say, that a slower computer and a faster computer that have been running the same amount of time, would have the same credit?

thats what it sounds like, am i mistaken?
9) Message boards : Questions and problems : couple questions? (Message 21310)
Posted 18 Nov 2008 by Mike W
Hey, i noticed that when you look on the 'top 100' scoreboard here, it shows the participants by the number of Gflops they are contributing,
now i dont really understand the credit system to begin with, cobblestones and whatnot,
but how can i find out how many flops im contributing?

also, i noticed on my stats, (boinc
it shows my ranking out of about 1.5 million people, but the official boinc website (here) says theres only 320,000 participants.

my boinc id is m-man if thats needed

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