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Posted 16 Oct 2008 by andrew gillette
I am glad that this thread has become an openly discussed topic on the dev forum. I agree with everybody so far about the necessity of making BOINC mainstream. Looking at the trends towards making this happen in conventional computing, people like Gates and Jobs made the user environment more GUI friendly and there was the obvious tangible benefit of having a computer that was capable of playing games and running office applications.

The projects that Matt is putting together through Grid Republic are a great start and I applaud everyone involved with making BOINC go viral with myspace and facebook. Matt what kind of participation/support do you need from BOINC users that are active on this thread?

I'd like to see some youtube videos to popularize BOINC. Does anyone on this list know of someone who is talented at video production editing and would make a pro bono youtube video that would popularize the concept further?

I want to help in any way that I can. Currently I'm working on some optimizations and investigating open courseware that may prove to be applicable to BOINC soon.

Andy Gillette

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