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1) Message boards : BOINC client : HOW TO install BOINC with Fedora 9 ? (Message 20643)
Posted 2 Oct 2008 by Bill

I am trying to configure the boincmgr display. These are minor display problems. I have boinc-client and boincmgr starting and running successfully on Fedora 9.

I have tried to set the display using ~/.Boinc Manager, but nothing seems to stick.

Some things I would like to set:

1. The hostname. Choices used to drop down in the Advanced Tab; now they are blank and I am unable to figure out where to reconfigure.

2. I would like to configure the overall geometry; size and screen position

3. I would like to set boincmgr to open in workspace 4 when I login. I have sessions set to open boincmgr but it always opens in workspace 1 and I can't find how to change to another workspace.

4. I was playing around and lost my boincmgr automatic connection to boinc client. It should be a simple command to re-configure but I can't find out where and how.

5. If I remember correctly earlier versions of .Boinc Manager had more configuration options. If so, how can I get just a new configuration file?
2) Message boards : BOINC client : HOW TO install BOINC with Fedora 9 ? (Message 20642)
Posted 2 Oct 2008 by Bill
I received this advice from Fedora Bugzilla.

"Boinc is probably starting so soon after NetworkManager that the network is not
up yet. It's technically a bug in Boinc that it doesn't wait for a network
connection and periodically re-try to send/grab the data. But for the moment,
you can add the line:


to /etc/sysconfig/network and startup will block for 10 seconds or until a
network connection is up, whichever is sooner."

It fixed it for me!

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