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1) Message boards : Questions and problems : Firewalls: Just what does BOINC want to talk to me? (Message 62105)
Posted 10 May 2015 by Winston
CRISIS: After tightening security, or at least trying to, with the AVAST firewall, I tried to get BOINCMGR back up - wouldn't run, in fact wouldn't run without pings, desktop access, and a whole lotta other controls left wide open.

In frustration, I turned off the firewall just so I could communicate work my BOINC system had been doing while disconnected, forgot and discovered in the morning I'd been pinged by 3/4 the population of Nigeria, or at least pirates operating under a Nigerian flag of convenience. with luck, the outage will just get me a plate of amusing spam,spam,spam,spam, a lobster thermador and spam.

So, WHAT does BOINC want (and why? I thought that work was sent to my machine as a file, machine performed tasks needed and uploaded the results. This should NOT require pinging, and all sorts of other system rights to access)

(I should know better, I started doing good positive hacking before the word developed a single negative connotation, can still do hardware on DEC PDP-1s,4s,5,s,6,s,7s,8s(all of em), 9s, 10,s 12s, 15s, and 20s, really good hardware, and get you the parts for the PC you need or the PC you want. But, somewhere along the line, I think when the basic x86/amd+ instruction set went from a booklet to 3 huge overpriced manuals, and I discovered that life required work, I became a USER, though I haven't yet fallen to the level of "knows as much about computing as about his 'fridge, and he doesn't know a thing about WHY a compressor makes it cold in the box.", and believes an EFF-developed course on "how your computers and the Internet works" then pass a test before issued a license to use one.)
Still looking for the real Emmanuel and the Resistance, but someone sent a chopper to cut off my head. RSVP here, I'll get it mailed to me at home.
2) Message boards : The Lounge : Peace is a good thing try .... (Message 60028)
Posted 28 Jan 2015 by Winston
I ear a button With two kids, one, in stereotyped Arabic desert clothing holds a Palestinian flag, crossed with another in stereotypical Chassidic clothing (just as most Arabs do not wear white robes and headgear meant for the desert, Chassidim are NOT Orthodox Jews, some would say not Jews of any kind, but members of one of several semi-mystical 18th C. sects, but , hey it's a 2.5" button) holding an Israeli National flag.

Around the central circle are the words (in varying order) Salam, Shalom, Peace - and I regularly find myself defending it to one who flies one of the two flags, saying "No, It does not mean go back to 1967 borders!" or "No, it does not mean expell all non-Jews from the region" followed by "what part of PEACE don't you understand. I am NOT a negotiater, I don't live there and the people who do have to work things out, and have taken to quoting a 2-year-old or so NY Times Op-Ed column, saying Israel can be two of the following three things if it does not give back some of the West Bank: 1, A Democracy; 2, A Jewish State; 3,Continue present policy in the West Bank. (I'm personally for 1 & 2). BUT the size, nature and scope of a Land for Disarmament and Borders as Open as US/Canada (which as deteriorated when some 'States fools voted for Homeland <spit> Security.

Why do I rant? Because of the inclusion of "West Bank" as a choice of Nation; A choice that can cause even more anger than a button saying "Peace" in English and two very closely-related languages.

There was SUPPOSED to be, in 1948, a big state to take any Muslims who did not wish to live in a Jewish state, called Jordan. There was also a state for the Christian community who cannot stand folks of other faiths too, called Lebanon. The two states were supposed to be the end of a battle that began when Israel was taken by the Roman legionaries and made part of the geographic region Palestine they called Palestine", followed by the Crusades (still going on, have you noticed) of @1000 ce. Jordan refused refugees, as did the new nations of Syria, currently led by a guy with a photo of Pol Pot behind his desk. Lebanon took some but gave aid only to cross-wearers.

Jump to the present: Personally I say "Give Gaza back to the Egyptians" and let them create a state big enough to hold that hellish place along the Sinai coast, and give everything West of Jerusalem back to a government which drops demands Israel be destroyed (still held by the current regions) and let the residents choose names other than the one imposed on them by ONE of its first invaders. Oh, <btw> Jerusalam remains 100% open (except for the interiors and immediate exteriors of a few religious shrines/long-used meeting places for prayer, open to all who observe the rules of decorum (Leave shoes behind in a mosqe, cover your head in a synagogue, and bust equally fanatics of all faiths (starting with the alleged Jews whose name translates as "those who fear the divininity" which they say gives 'em the right to call little girls in little girl clothing "whores" and stone and kill Jewish physicians answering (as required by Rabbinic law) anybody who cuts down one of "their streets" on Saturday. And Muslim West Bankers, let the crazies build their settlements, and demand they be left intact if the settlers chose to leave the new state, please not called Palestine.

But you are in "occupied" lands now, and, fair or not, stop your own crazies from suicide raids. Choose NO nation, not a name that will not survive independence.

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