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Posted 20 Jan 2015 by Profile tikimojo
I've got an Apple dual G5 (PPC, pre-intel) from 2006 which sits around service mp3's.

OSX 10.5.8

For years I've run BOINC and the SETI project without a problem. Recently I installed the BOINC 6.12.35 update and now I can't get it to run. Whenever I launch boinc it tells me:

"you currently are not authorized to manage the client.

to run BOINC as this user please
- reinstall boinc answering "yes" to the question about non-administrative users
- contact your administrator to add you to the "boinc_master" user group."

The installer does not offer choices regarding users. The question does not come up and I can't find anything that would trigger it.

I dug around on your site and I found this page:

which talks about a script called AddRemoveUser, and provides this link to download it:

It expands out to a binary file, when I attempt to run it OSX says:

"sudo: unable to execute ./AddRemoveUser: Bad CPU type in executable"

...and I'm afraid that's it. Am I the last person still running BOINC and seti@home on a PPC machine?

any help is appreciated.

- Steve

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