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1) Message boards : News : BOINC 7.4.36 released to the public (Message 59678)
Posted 15 Jan 2015 by Wisesooth
I already have a prior version of BOINC installed along with two active projects: milkyway and SETI. How do I properly install the latest version of BOINC without corrupting work in progress and work ready to run?
For some reason, BOINC lost my login credentials. Wisesooth now has projects running while BOINC thinks that I am a new client.
Please advise with upgrade instructions. I do not want to corrupt project files.
Another note: I have an i7 Intel processor with an ASUS mboard, 16GB RAM, two TB of RAID 1 storage behind a 500GB SSD, also Intel. Yes, I have liquid cooling and an adequately-sized power supply fed by an APC UPS. Windows 7 Pro is running with latest upgrades.

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